Hello everyone ^-^!

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  1. Hi! I'm Meimakye, but you can call me Eima; or Eim, or whatever you decide to call me x3
    Well I was wandering around the interwebs, bored out of my brain and I just happened to stumble across this site. I haven't exactly roleplayed before, so I don't have much experience really; but the site looked fun and open to beginners, so I thought I should give it a shot >o< Uh, a bit about myself.. I'm a girl, I LOVE drawing. It's like one of my favorite hobbies <33 (I seen an art category on this site.. I might scuttle over there after this >w<) I also like watching anime, reading, playing video games, listening to music, and chatting with other people, even if it's just about random things xD Although I do admit, I am a bit shy, so I guess I am a bit quiet in the beginning. Let's hope I can force myself out of my personal bubble, haha xP
    Jeez if you've gotten to this line without falling asleep out of boredom, here have a cookie :D *hands over cookie*. As for RP preferences, I won't mind if it's one on one or group, and there really isn't any preferred/disliked category, or type of RP with me. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin in RPing, pointers much appreciated, however I do wish to develop some kind of ability to RP, though. Until then I guess you guys have to put up with my zero talent x . x
    So.. Nice to meet you all ^^ I hope we can be friends!
  2. If you can write a sentence and play pretend, you can roleplay! 8D

    Welcome to a new adventure, Meimakye! >:3
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  3. OMG, a cookie! *Omnomnom* Here, have a balloon! *Balloon* :D Welcome Eima!

    I, and many others are happy to take you under our wings. Just jot down that info you mentioned into your RP resume, and soon people will come flocking to you. :3
  4. Daw thanks >w< I sure hope I can xDD Thank you for the welcome ^^!
    :D Balloon! *takee* Thank you for the welcome :3 And thanks for the advice ^^ I tried filling out my 'RP resume' as best I could .. Now people are probably gonna run from me x)
  5. *Pat, pat* Ah, don't worry Eima. Trust me; you'll be fine, and people will come to you, and you'll find people that you like too. You'll fit right in!

    I've only been here for a week now, and I'm just about ready to initiate my hostile takeover of the whole forum. :D *Whispers loudly* But don't tell Diana...she doesn't suspect a thing! ^-^
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, Eima! Hope you have a wonderful time! Enjoy roleplaying and meeting loads of new friends :D
  7. xDD Alright :D! Don't worry, I won't tell anyone :'3~

    Hi Arcadia ^-^ Thank you! I sure hope I do :D!
  8. Welcome, Elma. Love the name. I am sure you will do great here. *hands you flowers* If you would like some experience, I can do a 1x1 with you and give you some tips. I am pretty experienced myself. Please don't read that with a dirty mind. Let me know and I will start one up.
    I would like to join you in this takeover. I love taking over forums. Would you like to roleplay too?
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  9. Ah thank you so much ^-^ *takes flowers*
    Your offer is amazing! I would love to try it out ^^' I am a complete newb though, so I guess I'll be a little awkward x'P
    By the way, is that Light from Death Note in your picture? I just finished that series - it was amazing <3
  10. Yes. Yes you can. And yes. Yes I would. We should retreat to my evil lair and talk about acquiring more minions over a cup of evil coffee.

    OMG, Eima, me too! Death Note LadyBro! *High five* Light FTW. X3
  11. Oh! Me! Me D:! *raises hand*
    I volunteer to be tribute a minion :D
    *High fives back*
    Yaya! Another DN fan :'D! Yes, yes indeed. Light ftw x3~! Although, you have to admit, L was also pretty cool ;A;
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  12. *Wipes away a single tear*

    ... I think this is the start of something beautiful.
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  13. ;w; I'm so happy~ I hope so ;D;
  14. If there wasn't potential to get better, we'd all be neanderthals... or bacteria ;v;
    Welcome to the site, please enjoy it here and have fun doing what you're here to do!
    Roleplay... Do roleplay.
  15. I will start one up later tonight, love. I will link ye to it when I have done so. I am excited to get to know you better as a roleplayer. And, as for yer question, I have no idea. I found a picture off the internet that I like. I do not believe it is him though, from what little I have seen of Death Note.
    Sounds great, mate. Let's go to your lair. Lead the way. (Start a conversation with the two of us or something)
  16. Gently cupping your hand I kiss the top of it, looking at you with a gentle smile. "Welcome to Iwaku my dear. I do how to enjoy some conversation with you sometime. If you so wish."
  17. What a way to describe it x'D Thank you for the welcome ^-^
    I shall try my best
    Hm.. It defiantly does remind me of him :'o Anyway thank you so much ^-^ I look forward to it, and getting to know you too!
    ^/ / /^ Why, thank you~ so very nice to meet you. I would be delighted to talk with you sometime :D!
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