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  1. Hi everyone, and I thank you for taking the time to read this. I am new to Iwaku, however, I am not a new role-player. My journey began a few years ago with a small chatting website called Chatzy. It then it expanded to RPNation, where I have been a member since January. As of late, I've found the formatting of RPNation rather confusing, so I have made the choice to open an account here as well to continue my love for roleplaying. My plan is to role-play on both websites and see how that works out.

    I honestly will answer to a few names. You can call me Avifauna, as my username suggests, Fauna, Avi, or Keira.

    I am eighteen-years-old and currently studying to become an environmental engineer. At the moment, I am only two weeks into the program, so I'm hoping to continue with it until I graduate in four years.

    I am a female, though I really do not have a preference to what gender I play. There was a time when I was only comfortable playing girls, but I've learned to expand my horizons and my creativity to write males... No promises that they'll be top notch at the moment, I'm afraid, though I'll definitely give it a shot. Unfortunately, I do not have much experience with relationships other than heterosexual ones, given my own sexuality.

    I look forward to roleplaying with all of you soon. :)
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  2. Honestly, RPNation has the worst admins in the history of RP websites. The admins here rock. Hard. I'm sure you'll love it.
  3. Sssshh, we dun say mean things about other sites, our competition is good for us! <3

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  4. Thank you for the warm welcome!
  5. RPNation member huh?Anywayyy,Welcome to our lovely Iwaku forum.Have fun with our great and friendly members and staffs.
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