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  1. -NEWS:
    So, I started this awhile back when I was new, and now have lots of things going on. Because I have a new internship coming up that will cut back my time, I will not be accepting any more requests until I have finished up a few, or have some free time. Thank you for your interest, and keep me in mind ;)

    Hey guys :)

    I'm new here, though not new to roleplays and other sites. For those that may recognize my name, yes, I am from the quizilla, Dollwizard, and Roleplay guild forums as well. Send me a message, you may recognize me.

    Anyhow, I'm craving some one on one stuffs, given that I just finished finals. I have some free time for awhile, even with my upcoming Internship. So I have below a list of things I like, what I don't like, and Fandoms I'm familiar with enough to do a role-play with. Send me a message later, and we'll see what we can do.

    • Likes
      • Proper Grammar and Spelling. I'm not expecting perfect, as I make mistakes too, but I can't stand people who miss the basics over and over again.
      • Paragraphs. I don't ask for a lot all the time, but try to give me a few.
      • Respect. Be kind to me, I'll be kind to you.
      • Communication. We will talk frequently; you've been warned. This is also a request that you tell me if you can't continue for any reason, or want to try something different.
      • Doubles. I dislike only playing the male, but I like to play doubles when need be. Either way, I will be playing a female.
      • Genres:
        • Romance.
        • Fantasy.
        • Adventure
        • Mythology.
        • Historical Fantasy
        • Steampunk
      • Plots. Tell a story with me, it'll be fun.
    • Dislikes
      • Txt Talk.
      • One-liners (and by this I mean all the time.)
      • This is kinda specific on my part, but overuse of the word "Soon". There's a thing where people constantly do "she soon did this. Soon after, she soon did that" and that drives me nuts. You can ask for clarification if you want, I can be more specific.
      • Disrespectful, quiet rpers.
    • Fandoms-I do both OCx Cannon and OCxOC
      • Ouran High School Host Club
      • Hellsing (I'll only do single for this one, sorry; looking for an Alucard, promise I have a great idea)
      • Winx
      • Sailor Moon
      • Pokemon(show and games)
      • One Piece
      • Avatar The Last Airbender
      • Fullmetal Alchemist (You ask me to play Envy, I will decline; making that clear now.)
      • D.Gray Man
      • Castlevania
      • Devil May Cry
      • Avengers/Marvel anything
      • DC (I specifically favor Batman)
      • Fruits Basket
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  2. I see Avengers/Marvel and Avatar: The Last Airbender!!
    I am now intrigued~
  3. Ah. You may have found your partner!

    This all sounds like my ideal roleplay partner.
  4. If you're still considering a roleplay partner for steampunk and romance, then please do count me interested! :)
  5. If you're looking for a Marvel/Avengers roleplay, I might be able to help, if you convo me. :)
  6. I imagine you've already found your partner, -but-! If you are still in the search and interested/looking for anything in the romance/fantasy/adventure area? I'm -all- for that. :)
  7. Hey there, if you're still up for more partners, I'd be interested. c:
    Though, may I ask what you mean by quiet, disrespectful roleplayers?
  8. I have plenty at the mo, but will return here when I am in need.

    By quiet I mean posts very rarely, and by disrespectful I mean someone who treats his partners poorly. They aren't meant to be taken together, I'm sorry ^^
  9. Ah! Gotcha. c:

    Well, please, come talk to me if you ever feel the need to have any more role plays!
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