Hello everyone

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  1. Hello I am a veteran RPer that needed to get onto a new site to begin new adventures with. My mainly Rp kitsunes. I love to play with fantasy but up for almost anything.
    Hi! I'm wildpelt! I'm a cat too! GO CATS!
  3. kitties~~
    oh, kitsune, I like kitsunes too!! x3
  4. Kitsune are cuuuute. But I am a kitty-owl-wolf gurl myself. >:3

    Welcome to the site!
  5. Thank you guys... MEOW to my kitty friend... and you guys might like this pic then
  6. Meow?
    Memowme....merrowmow? mrmo, memwom ome?

    Sorry in one RP we made up cat-speak.
    So @Saphhire what types of rps do you tend to lean towards?

    Picture is awesome!
  7. @ wildpelt I tend to lean toward fantasy but anything is fun to me. I can write for hours about my characters I created.. I love getting into their head and making them come to life.
  8. A long writer? I can write as long as I want if I know my character! Assassins, what about those?
  9. yes I am a long writer... You should go read my plot in the fantasy forum... I need rpers to get that going.
  10. Can't go tonight, but I will look!
  11. That is ok... :)