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  1. so im new here and don't really know the ropes so could someone ''show'' me around and maybe rp with me ?
  2. Hey there, Vanalgeria! Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. thanks a lot :)
  4. Hello Vanalgeria Welcome to Iwaku! I am pretty new here but if you have any questions ill answer them as best as I can or theres always the Help link that tells you a lot you need to know =)
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  5. well i have one question, how do i get someone to rp with me?
  6. Lol well you could check out all the forums and when you see one you like or that isnt taken/closed you can put in a Character sheet if they require it or just jump in on it and develop your character as you go, at least thats what I do. You could also if you already have a roleplay in mind post a forum under what genre your rp would be and if you want it as a Jump in, OnexOne, Mature rp, or Group rp those are all the ones I know right now. Then you explain what rp you wanna do. Sorry if that was lengthy still getting the hang of it myself. I wouldnt mind rping with you btw =)
  7. yay, i wouldnt mind role playing with you either, but how the heck do i answer without quoting ?
  8. You go to the very bottom and type in the box that has post reply under it and you'll just post to the thread and not just quote me lol
  9. oh okay i think......
  10. Yup there you go no quoting lol
  11. Hi there Vanalgeria! 8D Welcome to the community! If you have any more questions, the Help & FAQ sections are a really good place to start too.