Hello Everyone!

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  1. I am LittleRedPanda. I had been deeply involved in another RP site but it's been down for a week. I'm having withdrawals and this site looked pretty good. So hello everyone! Don't be timid to say hello back. I don't bite... hard. I like pretty much a lot of different styles of RPs but my favorites are Medieval and Fantasy style.
  2. Hello @LittleRedPanda and welcome to Iwaku! I'm glad you could join our site, and I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. Please take the time to go over our FAQ and rules, then (if you haven't already) feel free to stop by the chatbox. If you have further questions, there's absolutely no harm in asking. And who knows? Maybe we'll end up role-playing sometime.

    Again, welcome, and Merry Christmas! (if it still applies for you :P)
  3. But WE might!

    LOL, just kidding. Welcome to Iwaku! We're pretty fun around here, so I hope you enjoy yourself! There's lots of stuff to see and do, but some parts do tend to move a bit slower than some folks are used to, so don't get discouraged if you don't see the action you're looking for right away! There's always stuff to keep you occupied in the meantime, like challenges, the world-building forum, community groups OR if you're crazy brave social enough, you can always hop on into the chatbox!

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your time here, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
  4. Hi there Panda! :D Glad to have you! I hope Iwaku makes a good temp home, and maybe even a foreverhome! >:3
  5. Im from Roleplayer Guild too! If you want, maybe we can roleplay?
  6. Welcome to Iwaku.
  7. Yet another Guild immigrant, *chuckles* welcome comrade.