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  1. Greetings and salutations! I am Lycaon, and it is a pleasure to meet all of you. I certainly look forward to doing some threads with you all. Hit me up if you have any interesting roleplay ideas, and I'll let you know if it sounds like something I would like to do. I have a few ideas for rp's myself. Here is to hoping. Haha
  2. *Hits you* You did say to hit you, right?

    Hi and welcome!!
    If you don't have anyone to roleplay with and is shy to ask people hit me too! I'd love to roleplay with new people. ;3
  3. *Rubs cheek*

    I'd be happy to do a roleplay with you. Not certain what kind though. I can't pick any particular topic. But, I am particularly fond of horror themed stories, realistic stories, be they in past or present, and fantasy based ones. I'm also horrendously indecisive. Haha

    Also, ow.
  4. Looks like you and I are going to get along just fine, friend. :3
    I too possess the same qualities and also indecisive with things as well. But I do come into a decision eventually.

    Let's see, are you etching to roleplay right off the bat on your first day?

    If so, I am going to ask you a question: Boy or Girl role?
  5. Glad to hear it. ^_^

    I would love to start right away. I'm like that. Haha

    I typically play male roles, being male, but I can play female roles at times. Depends on the situation, you know?
  6. Welcome to Iwaku.

    If you have some cool rp ideas, try posting them an interest check thread here. That's a good way to get the attention of lots of people at once. Filling out your role play resume is another good thing to do : )

    Hope that helps!
  7. Then I'll play the damsel in distress role, since I am female. Despite the fact that my avatar is a very hot male bishie.

    I already have a roleplay in mind that would fit all your genres in one go.

    I'll just list them so it won't get too descriptive and since I like to roleplay in a setting without a concrete plot to go with, that way we are free to go with anything with it. Here it is:

    Title: Ominous

    1. Modern World
    [​IMG] Realistic Stories and present day.​
    2. Vengueful Ghost and Restless Demon
    [​IMG] Horror themed, Past, Fantasy​
    3. Skeptic Psychic
    4. Ghost Hunting
    5. Maybe Death?
  8. You certainly have all your bases covered. Haha Sounds most interesting to me. Care to give any more details? Or would you rather just dive on in? Being the indecisive guy I am, I'll follow your lead.
  9. Well, I was thinking since you like Horror themes maybe you'd like to supply the horror in it. Of course, I'll help. Maybe we play both demon and human together and both of us would scare each other--to death, wouldn't that be thrilling?

    Like I mentioned, I don't like giving out exact detail since I like to not know what's going to happen next when we rp since I think its exciting that way. :3

    Ergo: We make up the story as we go along the way.
  10. Hmm...how would you feel about a bit of a haunted house theme? A girl and her "friends" (I use the term loosely here) discover that a house in their neighborhood that has been abandoned for several decades is supposedly haunted. So, as a dare, they send her into the house, where she discovers the place really is haunted. Then, after being scared by the ghost there, it unfolds into a sort of mystery/suspense/thriller sort of story, involving her, the ghost, and some good old fashioned NPC's for violence and death fodder?

    Sorry, just a little story idea that popped into my head. If you feel like it sounds okay but could use more elements or a change, i'm all ears. Erm...eyes, in this case.
  11. Sure! Let's go with that. I am flexible so I can pretty much make up things and retaliate to whatever you write at me. Sounds like a good story to me, so let's do it. :3
  12. Splendid! I will get to work on the rp shortly, and will post here again once it's up. Quick question though, would you prefer this be just us, or would you like for others to be able to play her friends? With what I have in mind, I'll be playing a couple-three different roles, but primarily a single role.
  13. Up to you, my friend. :3

    You if you want to make it private then used the onexone. BUT, yes, there is a BUTT! You can post it in the Jump In so it'll give anyone who is interested a chance to join. :3
  14. I think for this I'd rather have a sign-up for it. Give me more victims. I mean, fellows. Honestly I'm all up in arms about dedication to threads. People who sign up are more likely to stick around. I hate when a character shows up and just vanishes.
  15. Or killed. :3

    Alright. Let me know when we will start. I practically have the whole day.
  16. I posted the intro. It's titled "The Old Brooks' Place" under Miscellaneous. Hope its decent enough. Haha
  17. Alrighty then~
  18. I spy a demon a butler~. ( づ  ̄ ³  ̄) づ

    Do you fancy fandom roleplays?
  19. I haven't done any fandom roleplays, but, I am always willing to try something new. ^_^
  20. Welcome to Iwaku Lycaon. Seems you got a couple or so RPs rolling. Nice! I hope you have fun and enjoy your stay :)