Hello Everyone!!!!

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Hello everyone, im new here and i cant wait to get started RPing with the lovely people on this site!!!!!! My name is Fikear and if would like to be my friend then please add me!!!
Well here is my RP profile thingy :)

Kidnappable?: I would love for people to contact me directly
Playing Habits: Im available for most of the day and night. I can post as much as needed.
Gender You Prefer Playing: Female
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, sci fi, slave and master, mature
Genre You DON'T Like: hmm i would have to say real life.
Playing Style: im Both aggressive and passive.
Plot Candies: I love when cataclysmc events are happening.
Character Stereotypes: I usually play a weird, quiet character but can be loud and in the moment when needed.
Character No-Gos: really girly girl fluffly characters.
Random Notes: hm im really nice lol
Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: None so far

Hello, Fikear. ^^
Welcome to Iwaku, the little piece of insanity we reside in. =3 My name is Miru, and I'm glad to be the first to welcome you here. (Yay, *I'm* his tutor! <_< >_>) There are quite a few nice Sci-Fi RPs currently going on right now. (Personally, I'm enjoying Shintaion:Resistance >u<) Regardless, you'll find something to sate your tastes while you're here, I guarantee it. =3
Sooooo, if you have any questions about anything here, just PM me, okay? =3
I look forward to seeing you around, Fikear! b^_^d
Thank you Miru!! I cant wait to start rping and ill check out the sci fi rps for sure!!
Welcome to the site.
Hi there and welcome! I fixed your account activation, so don't worry about that lost email thinger. XD You should be good now.
My advice to yo, if you have a Daemon problem call the nearest Grey Knight, which happens to be me.

Enjoy the site
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku I am shadow Ike and leader of Silverwing Wolf pack. If you have any questions at all, ask and I should be able to help you. *turns around and runs off*
You won't have ant daemon problems if you don't anger the kroot or the lich. Which is where I come in.

*extents claws for a handshake*

Vay here, Daemon possessed kroot; rp support, projects, and writing challenges mod. Any questions or challenge ideas are as welcome as you are.
You seem amusing. I have many evil plans now. Ffuffufufufufufufu.
Hi, I'm Kitti.
It's nice to meet you and I hope you'll jump right in and get involved with roleplays.
I look forward to seeing you around!
Welcome to the site~ I'm Zypher the friendly RP global and Morning Musume guru~ If you have any questions just send me a message ^^
Hey what's up? :D.
I'm pretty new myself and I have to admit...
I made plans on commenting this the second I saw your writing was purple. Purple: love. <3.
Welcome to the site! :). Hopefully we'll run into each other at some point.