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  1. Hello the name is Genincide i'm not a new to roleplaying,actually i well i wlcome new Rps and friends around here i hope my time here will be enjoyable :)

    P.s :i don't mind skype add incase i'm not on
  2. Good day and welcome. I'm also new to the site, so it's not my place to say anything wise here, other than that I wish you good luck on the site.
    And that it's probably helpful to fill out your roleplayer's resume, in that with a little bit of luck somebody might look at it and get inspired to roleplay with you. :)
  3. The Roleplayer's resume (in the preferences section of your user profile screen) is definitely the best way to broadcast what you're looking for and what interests you!
  4. You guuuuuys, you're taking my job! D:
    -mumble grumble-

    (Actually, it's nice to see a welcome comittee forming xP
    Keep up the good work, Muri and Aigi!)
  5. Oh, we aren't taking it, we are helping with it.;)
  6. Yeah! Helping. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.