Hello everyone.

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  1. Hello everbody in iwaku. I'm Weremetalwolf, I'm a 18 years old guy who loves to roleplay and I have learned of the existence of this forum via other friends that I roleplay with.
    I know, it sucks as an introduction XD, but I don't really know what else to say here, so if you're willing to ask me some questions, fell free.
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  2. Welcome 18 year old guy names Weremetalwolf!! :D I'm Esthalia~

    thanks so much for joining our family and I hope you have tons of fun!
    What kind of RP's are you most interested in?
  3. Well, I'm a bit interested in all types of roleplays.
  4. Is there something that you love writing about though? I think everyone has a favorite or two! :3
  5. Well, yes, enjoy adventure and action roleplays, but I also like to tell the story of my OCs, or better than those whose history is interesting yet sad. Another type of "favourite roleplay" that interest me are those about "love" X3
  6. hehe~

    Everyone is into "love" at one point or another :P

    Jump into some RP's and have a great time!!
  7. Thank you kindly, I'll do that.
  8. Welcome to iwaku! Hope you enjoy your stay here. Feel free to invite me to rps you wish to have people join, I'm usually up for anything. Also if you have any questions or need someone to regarding roleplays you can ask me and I'll help you where I can. :)

    Is there a name you prefer to go by? Your real name, a nickname, or is just your forum name good?
  9. Thanks for your kindness, there's not actually a name I want to be called by, some used to call me WMW or even Wolf is fine.
  10. Since I'm behind and you have quite a few messages behind I won't post a long spiel...

    <3 Hope you have fun and find your place.
  11. Thank you kindly, I'm sure I will do that ^_^