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Hey everyone! My name is Diso and I am quite new to Forum RP and I hope to learn a lot about it! I do have experience with role play it's self and have made a few characters in the past.

Now about myself! I am a 4 year experienced role player but have never used a forum rp site before. I got my skills from a chat site called Wolfhome. Although this site is mainly for chat and getting to know other people, it is also has a place for people to rp from time to time. This is where I got my skills from, but I am eager to learn more ways of the role play.

I am a 17 year old female that is from Canada and I make my home in Alberta. I am a very interesting character once you get to know me. I am a very friendly person and love to make friends when possible, but sometimes I can be in a bit of a bad mood and hard to get along with. I could go on about what I like and all but I would like to hear about you guys! I would love to hear about the people in this great community and get to know them more so i can feel more at home and maybe learn about something about this RP site :3.
*clams up defensively*


Welcome to the site. I hope you read the Terms of Service, because that spells out exactly how we can now oppress and abuse you.

*puts Diso's soul on his shelf*

I'm one of the Admins (the grumpy British one who hates everyone rhetorically). Ask if you need help or games to join. We likey literate people with roleplaying experience!

*strokes Diso's soul*
It is a pleasure to meet you Asmodeus. -My soul glows brightly with enthusiasm and youth.- I have read the Terms of Service here and understand every rule clearly!
Hey there :D No worries about Asmupuu because he's actually very fluffy and nice when he wants to be =D
In any case, welcome to Iwaku :D Sounds like you're going to enjoy yourself here ! ^_^

If you happen to have any questions, concerns or problems, let me know :D I'm here to help you :]

And since, we're doing introductions~ 8D

I'm Sakura, crazy bubbly hyper member of the staff. Most of the time I just take care of Member Central and General Board, but you can catch me if you have any questions about the Roleplay Areas, too =D
It's very nice to meet you Sakura :3 Thank you for offering me some help! I will indeed ask for it when the time comes!
Welcome to the site.
Wolfhome, huh?

*Takes notes of great suspicion*

Sakura here is an exception to the norm of the staff. We are all grumpy middle-aged men who log on to Iwaku each day to torment and make sure you have an unpleasant stay with us. Clearly this is because we have no powerful roles in the real lives we lead, so we take out our anger on all of you. We're glad you've signed up under these terms of dorkness. Thank you for giving up on your human rights.
I see that my rights and soul have become apart of this community for good, not a problem with me. Thank-you btw October :]
I find your lack of fear disturbing.

*breathing sounds*

Depressingly cheery demeanor aside, welcome. I'm a third of the RP support team and your go-to guy for anything you may need. Need an RP or advice ask me, Jumi, or Zypher. You mat also want to fill out a roleplayer's resume to tell us about your rp habits.
Hail Comrade.

I'm one of the other admins on this forum. I'm Vay's Uberlord and I have plans to take over the moon, but it's all good. Enjoy your stay.

Also don't feed the Felzilla's.
Hello and wlecome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask

*walks off into the shadows*
Well, I hope all of those scary people up there didn't terrorize you! o___o;; Welcome to Iwaku!

Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!

What's your favorite genre of rp?
Welcome to the site! My name's TK, and if you need anything at all, feel free to come to me. I'm a Global/Super Moderator in charge of Member relations, so if you're having any problems, come to me. If I can't help you, I'll find someone who can!


I think I like this one, she has that new-member smell all over her....
*Kicks the door open, begins filling the room with bird shot, and starts swinging his free arm that's wielding a shovel in order to drive back the Horde.*

Quickly! To the OOC section! Before these Soul Devours claim yet another potential member!

Also, Hello. I'm Jumi the Resident Workaholic, and Roleplay Support Mod. Canada eh? I live in Fargo, North Dakota... so that kinda makes us Neighbors! *flees to prepare a hotdish*