Hello Everyone! ^ u ^

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  1. Hello!
    You can call me Yuu or Delani, probably smarter to call me by Delani since I roleplay my character Yuu.

    As for my gender, I'd like to keep my gender a mystery, just to see what people may see me as. ^ . ^ I'll probably reveal it later.

    How old am I?
    17, 18 in December.

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?
    New to the site, not 100% new to roleplaying.

    I like roleplay one on one for now please~! ^ v ^ Once I'm comfy, I'd love to try group roleplaying!

    Do you like running through grassy meadows or sitting under the cherry blossoms?
    Definitely sitting under the cherry blossom trees~

    Also, I'd like to make friends here and I may come off as shy at first. I'm most always using my iPod by the way, so if things look funky, tell me please. ^ u ^

    Thank you for any kindness you show me~
  2. -pushes prop wall down with a thud- Welcome to Iwaku Sir! ^-^
  3. Heh welcome! X3 I think we're gonna make great buddies! (I bet alot of others would say the same too o-o though I can't speak for them) *is shocked that the koolaid man wasn't behind prop wall*
  4. -happy squee- ^ u ^ Hello there~ -waves-
  5. ~Jumps waving both hands~ Hellur!
  6. O u O Hello and thank you! My friend body is ready! *barely notices dead prop wall* Magic. O _ O
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  7. *Gets more excited from your excitement* > u < Friend?
  8. ~Gets even more excited from your excited excitements~ Totally >w<
  9. *watches the infinite loop of excitement unfold and decides to contribute to the excitement by getting excited too*
  10. *bounces* Yay!
    *Obtained two friends*
    * v *
  11. @ v @ *starts bouncing at hyper speeds from excitement overload*
  12. *is afraid Pandy's gonna catch on fire from air friction*
  13. ~Walks up remaining wall onto ceiling. View flips york and panda on the ceiling~ Dafudge -3-
  14. *takes away gravity causing everyone to float around awkwardly*
  15. *falls upward* Wah! Nuu! ; A ; *Is calmed from change in gravity* @ . @
  16. *flails* @ A @ What have you dooooone?
  17. ~Walks onto a wall Pandy on a wall. York on ceiling~ Hmm.
  18. *shrugs* XD well, be glad your legs are intact
  19. *just lays down and crosses arms* = )- = Gravityception I see. *creates a levitating quesadilla* The only way to cope with events like this!
  20. *lays down on back and pretends to be superman* Well, at least this makes a little more sense :P