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  1. Hi there! My name is Momozono Yuuna, but you can call me either Momo or Yuyu.
    I'm a fifteen year-old girl who has had (I'd say a lot of) prior experience in role play. I hope to join many groups, seeing that I looooove role playing. Thanks, and feel free to check out my profile/resume. So long~!
  2. Hello, Yuuna, and welcome to the site! Please make yourself at home! One thing to remember is that the staff run off of souls. To keep them running at their best ability, we all need to pitch in and sacrifice as many souls of the fallen newbies as we can. Other than that, we're a friendly bunch, I promise!
  3. Hello there. I am Daisuke Yazamaki. Welcome to Iwaku.
  4. Lmao thanks, I feel more prepared now
  5. Nice to meet you, Daisuke! Thank you, I feel very welcomed here. Maybe we could role play some time! ^^
  6. Gladly!
  7. Sounds good! You can contact me at any time, or I'll swing by your profile page! C:
  8. *salutes* As you Wish!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.