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  1. It's been months since we've had a big bad getting to know you thread. >:3 And in those months we've had TONS of new members! So, now everyone can post in this thread and talk about themselves so other people can get to know them better! <3

    So post some stuff about yourself that everyone on Iwaku should know!

    I am Diana. >:D I do not own Iwaku, I am in equal partnership with Vay and Rory, the other two admins. Just know that I am the most bossy one, the pretty one, and everyone's favorite. (I AM YOUR FAVORITE. Or else. Something something dark side.)

    I am a roleplay addict. I have to play every day or I start getting cranky. I usually get this out of my system through chat roleplaying (my favorite medium of roleplay!) or through breeding lots and lots and lots of plot bunnies. More plot bunnies than I could ever use. That's why I have a roleplay blog where I store all of my character bios and my plot bunnies. ALL OF THEM. FOR THE PAST 10-15 YEARS. ....I... kinda lost track of how many years I've been doing this... .____.;

    I am very opinionated about people using the word literate to describe roleplay skills. D:< I believe that's condescending AND counter-productive. It doesn't teach newbie roleplayers how to roleplay better, it just makes them feel bad. D:

    As a chat roleplayer I understand the importance of knowing how to make every sentence COUNT. One liners posts don't have to suck ass, if you know how to flavor them right! 8D

    I am NOTORIOUS for slipping in lessons and advertisements in to all of my topics, blogs, replies, and cbox chatting. >:3 If I can find a way to direct members to something I know they'll find useful, I doooo iiiit.

    My favorite part of Iwaku are the Jump In roleplays. 8D It's the perfect place to meet a bunch of new players that you've never played with before, and do -instantly-. Super cool.

    I LOVE CATS. But I am Notacat. You need to remember this. D:< No matter how much my cat-like behavior might deceive you.

    Also, I hate it when people change their user names all the time, and when user names have numbers in them. Why does your user name have a number in it? ;__; Are you a robot...?

  2. MY NAME.

    STACI. O ^O

    I like cute things. and candy. and colors. and tea. and art. and gaming. and stuff.
    I joined Iwaku around September of 2011. o.o when I was a wee little freshie in college with too much time on my hand, AT THE MOMENT.
    ... then I got busy. - w- but Iwaku really helped me. <3 I made so many friends.. and really connected with people. ^^ I honestly can say I have places in my heart for some members. <3 c: -nodnod.- And, to me, that is a touching, beautiful thing.
    I have been roleplaying for over eight years, about nine now, actually. >>
    I've owned multiple Proboards rping sites in the past, as well as rped on Gaia and PlayAnime AND Neopets. <3 ^^~
    I often like to pick my picture for a character before I come up with a name, personality, etc.
    It's how I work, MMKAY? - ^-

    I love roleplaying. <3 I tabletop roleplay now too irl. Usually I'm stuck being the artist for everyone's characters, and or the one who humors everyone by crawling under tables to roll dice and make forts.. But, I'm okay with this. <3

    I usually, oddly enough, have more time to rp and keep up with Iwaku during college/school year. Right now, since it is Summer, I am SUPER busy with family and work and such. So.. Yeah. :<
    BUT. During this time, you MIGHT be able to catch me hanging around on Skype and or League, just because it is easier to keep those open and run around then the CBOX, seeing as CBOX moves quickly. and I dun like falling behind. T ^T

    I've joined in on a few Chat Roleplays, and was SUPER scared at first! But, I kind of got the hang of things, and now find them fun. :3
    I'm not the best at Jump-In rps, because I like pictures and details for my characters. >> I get attached to them. <3 Especially when I play tabletop games, like Cthulhu.. which isn't a good idea.. cuz they die... >___>'

    I try to be a GM from time to time, but I am kinda laidback, and passive.. so... >>' I'm not the best. <!--3

    ^^~ I love talking to people and love roleplaying and making friendships. So. Yeah. :D
    I'm also a dinosaur.
    I eat hearts and breathe rainbows. :D

  3. Hi! I'm Torsty, you've probably met me in the cbox shouting random things. Don't take me seriously in there, please.

    I've been on and off the staff for years ever since I joined this site way back when.

    I love RPing, but as a player I'm unreliable when it comes to keeping up with the postings(WARNING). I think I'm finally getting my game on though...welcome to Iwaku, newbs.
  4. I suppose I am one of those lurking anti-social newbies.

    So being in the middle of nowhere in the hot desert with not much to do, I decided to pick up roleplaying again. But all the forums I use to go on were dead, thus leaving me at the mercy of the internet. I spun the great wheel of chance and ended up on Iwaku!

    I'm an avid roleplayer with still much to learn even through out the years. The first time I got into RPing was with a group of friends who own a site for Naruto RP, back when I was a super Narutard (Still am deep down inside ; - ;). I really got into roleplaying because I loved combat roleplays. It was strategic and took thought to develop characters and abilities, while not godmodding or being overpowered. Then the creativity of plots and characters made me love roleplaying, even without combat. I enjoy playing as various charas from different genders and personality.

    You may guess from the information above, I am into anime. Though not as big as a fanatic as I use to be, I still enjoy watching it now and then. It has also inspired me to draw, a hobby I am striving to improve every chance I get.

    My grammar is not always the best, since English wasn't my first language. I don't mind if you correct me, it actually helps me to improve with my writing. Which in the end would benefit me for the long run, so I would appreciate it.

    Well these are just random stuff off the top of my head. I don't what to really say to be honest. So feel free to ask me questions if you like.
  5. So, my name is Mitten! :D

    That is the first and most important thing you should know about me. It's almost the ONLY thing you should know about me. I will DIE to save a kitty cat! >:( I'M SERIOUS.

    Okies, so I have been on Iwaku for not too long, I think I joined in December....I think... o_O actually, I will have to check that out first, then edit it later >.> cauz I have no idea... MITTEN LIED! D: I actually joined in March xD March 6th to be exact haha so I'm newer than you think! >:3

    Anyways, so I love cats, I also really love all kinds of animals, in fact, yesterday there was a little bird with a hurt wing that wandered into my office and I wanted to help him, but I accidently scared him back outside and he couldn't fly! I felt bad, but I really wanted to help him, then another bird came by and was like "Dude! Come on, let's fly away!" and he flew away, but the birdie with the hurt wing tried but he couldn't. ;_; I couldn't get him back into the safety of my office and I haven't seen him this morning so I think I accidently killed him. I'm really sad about this!!!!!! <- Rant on how I may or may not have killed a poor little birdie ;_; I myself am a pretty chill person, except when you make me mad :D I am friendly though, and it usually takes quite a bit to actually make me mad, unless you know how to do it and purposely make me mad >:( I love meeting new people but in real life I'm like, THE shyest person on earth (and the rest of the Universe) but if you are catching a ride to the bar with me and my friends and I get drunk, expect a lot of hugs and me to never shut up ^^Ahh good times <(-w-)> Oh! And I also love Pokemon! :D I don't care if I'm almost 19, I'm going to continue playing those games and getting more until I'm 90 DAMMIT.

    So....what else? Oh! I mostly play either one on one RPs or group RPs if I think they will turn out good, but sometimes they don't or others lose interest and stuff like that, which saddens me :( I like any sort of RP Genre except for intense Sci-fi, like the Arnold Swarzin-whatever guy's show/movie thing? Yeah, I'm not about to do something like that <(o_o)> But I will do anything else given I'm interested! ^^ :D

    Ummmm about my out-of-Iwaku-life, I have a Mum, a younger brother, a younger sister, two kitties (Oliver-Bridget-Theodore and Doom) , a dog (Casey), a dwarf hamster (Buster), and a few fish (Rio,Nemo,and Sebastian) :3 (technically just one of the cats and the dwarf hamster is actually mine though) I'm attending University and doing okay I guess, >.> not too happy with one of my profs but whats done is done I guess...even if I still have to tell my Mum.....ugh.....Um, i have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been dating for over a year now, even though it feels like so much longer~ He has the cutest little dog named Brute! :D

    So...I think that's it....If you ever want to get to know me more, I'm usually in the Cbox or you can PM me, IM me on MSN, and I have Skype, but I'm hardly on there <(OwO)>

    :D I hope you had fun reading about how freaky I really am! And if not, well you missed out! >:P ^^

    -Mitten~ <3


    I sadly had to give Doom to my boyfriends neighbor because she was pregnant ;_; but since then we have obtained TWO more kittens! :D AL's is named Carlos and mine is named Sir "Ceru" Tony Reginald. Originally he was going to be named "Sir 'Ceru' Gregory", but he just didn't act like a Gregory :3
  6. I'm Zen, I joined Iwaku in I think... Either November or October. I'm not sure. Before I joined the site I was lurking for quite a while before I made an account and started posting/rping. I've been rping for about 8 years now, and I started off on Gaiaonline.com. *hisses* I slowly branched away from the site, rped on my boyfriend's rp website for a couple more years and found Iwaku. That's basically my roleplaying history for ya. As far as the genres I rp I typically stay in the Fantasy or Modern area. I do romance every now and then. My rp habits differ tremendously... There are times when I will post rp replies everyday and there will be times when I won't post for about a week simply because my muse has left me.

    I tend to be a very personal person. I know, kind of an odd sentence. I don't mind sharing stories about my life, whether they be good or bad. I'll write about them in my blog or I'll tell it to you in person. I love games although life has it made it difficult for me to enjoy them. I love Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, and I used to play WoW for the longest of time as a tauren resto druid. I love, love the Halo series - Yes I have already preordered Halo 4. I play Battlefield 3 although I may be looking into switching to Modern Warfare again. Yes I'm a female gamer. >.> And yes I have a potty mouth when I play FPS.

    I am big into art. I'm debating on whether or not I would major in it. If I were, I'd probably end up working in a gaming or comic company. If you wanna look at my stuff, head on over to the Art and Writing Museum. I am also big into writing, which I may Minor in. Not so sure.

    But yeah, that's me for ya. ^^
  7. Hey there, my name is Fate and I've been a member of Iwaku for a couple of months now. I'm also rather new to roleplaying in general, but I'm learning quickly. I have a tendency to act reserved around people I don't know very well so I don't really interact with others that often, however, I'm getting better, or crazier (depends on your point of view really), so I should start popping up more often...... hopefully.

    Anyways, when I'm not rping I'm reading (manga and/or novels), writing (both fanfiction and original stories), playing video games, watching anime, and I recently began drawing again. One should also know that I'm obsessed with Xenosaga and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and will make references to them every once and awhile so be prepared to be confused if you do not know what they are. I can't spell to save my life (I have forgotten how to spell "of" on multiple occasions) and the only reason why there are no misspelled words in my posts is because I use spell check.

    And that is all there really is to say about me. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask.
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  8. I'm Juku [ Pronounced: Joo-Koo]

    I joined Iwaku back in April and have been enjoying every moment of my time here. Trying my best to be as active and contribute as much as I can.

    So, I've been RPing for about 7 years now. I started on a site called Myyearbook. This lasted until they took the forums away last year if I remember right. [Insert Rage Face here.] But I'm not entirely upset about it, because if Rokku Hizori had not shown me Iwaku..I would not be RPing anymore. As for RPing on Iwaku, I'm usually taking part of Fantasy RPs because that's my specialty, but however..I'll try to join anything that catches my interest. I also can be persuaded to do romance, but I tend to lean away from smut.

    I'm a very social person, I like meeting people and interacting with other members. I'm always greeting newbies because I want them to feel as welcomed as I did when I first joined. And if they feel welcomed, I believe they're going to stay and help Iwaku grow. Along with welcoming and interacting, you'll find me in the Cbox often being crazy and whacking people with anchors. Yeah, that's right, an anchor! I also play League of Legends, and my favorite champions are Yorick and Nautilus. Super excited for Darksiders II and other upcoming game titles.

    And most importantly..
    I like turtles.

    But yes, that's me in a nutshell.

  9. You can call me Eman, "E-man"
    lol but my some friends IRL sometimes call me Bacon, like the food,.. lmao XD

    been here idk about a month or so,.. i know a few or the popular kids,.. :P
    lol when i was in middle school i use to do what you could call blog battles, which where just like half-ass'd everything... lol kinda of embarrassed to even think i played them, lol. but yeah i play many console games, and computer games alike, i don't judge. i have always loved playing RPG's and MMORPG's and my favorite RPG is the Final Fantasy (centered around 7-11) series. kinda been playing them since i was a whee lad. lol, here lately i have been playing League of legends, and Forsaken World, an MMORPG that you can download from
    www.PerfectWorld.com, its fun,.. XD but yehi have played so many games that i couldn't be able to tell you all of them, but if you ask me if i have played it,... ill check it out,.. XD lmao

    my favorite kind of RP's are Fantasy and Action, XD.. but yeah, if you talk to any of my friends, they'll say i don't know my grammar lol, but i just don't really take the time a lot to care unless it's important, :P. i am a swell guy,.. just like to make jokes a lot but nothing to insulting, but i always say i am joking, i don't like to make enemies, just friends,.. but with some people you can't be friends with lol.

    As some have seen i like to draw, color etc... and i like anime a lot... you can find my Saturday night glued to the TV. watching Toonami and adult swim, or Netflix watching all the anime they have to offer,.. and a few other things, that i am not at liberty to say,.. and no not pron lol, but yeah, my favorite anime's would be;

    Outlaw Star
    Cowboy Bebop
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Soul Eater
    Blood +
    Trinity Blood
    Angel Sanctuary
    .... and many more,... i just cant type them all or you'd be reading a list the covers several pages,.. lmao

    but yeah das be me,... message if you have any questions, lmao
  10. [reserved for drunken shenanigans]
  11. Not so very new, but I'm not old. Honest! Not old.
    I'm Kitti. Kitti with an [size=+1]i[/size]. Not a y. Because I am also not a cat, but still quite agreeable and I love to make new friends, so you're more than welcome to talk to me!
    Anger is not really something that you will likely see from me and you are welcome to believe that I do not have that emotion. <3
    Despite working hard, if you ever need help with something or need a little elbow grease and time, I'll try to give you a hand with these things and will do whatever I can to provide assistance Just don't need it too often or I'll have to politely turn you down and I'll feel guilty and grouchy for a long time.

    I adore roleplaying and the Masquerade Balls make me really happy, so I try to participate in all of them! Try to see if you can spot me playing princely men or feisty lasses!
  13. I Rory, the Eldest of the Admins and Ruler the Moderators, am the one who graces you with his presence this fine day. Please, do look forward to me gracing each and every one of you when I feel like it.

    If you do not behave, my pet Iliana is trained to bite trouble makers.
  14. Greeting dear new Iwakians, or those that have been too shy. I am Ocha, and I've been Diana's right hand woman for well over a decade. I don't know everything that's going on in Iwaku, but I can always find out, and actually enjoy helping. I want to see this community not only survive but thrive. Iwaku's too important a place for too many people to not adore it though.

    Youwill often find me chilling in the CBox, being a goofy adult with a lot of the other goofy adults here. When I roleplay it's often in 1x1, though I do like small group RPs be it in chat or on the forum. If there's action you've got my attention. I also hang out way too much in Insanity and have started several Groups. I think I'm a member of over 20, though most are only sporadically active, which is fine by me.

    When I'm not roleplaying or otherwise online I'm either working, studying or on some sort of adventure. I love to be out and about and experiencing new things. But despite my travel lust I hang out at home way too much, but it is where my kitchen and garden is.

    Want to know more, talk to me. There's the chat, there's PMs, heck you can even say "hi" on my profile wall. And while I do have IMs, I don't hand those out willy nilly. I'm a private person still.

  15. Hello everyone! My name is not actually Sarah, it's Megan. I'm also not new. I like to pop in and out of Iwaku every once in a while. It's mostly just to look at the General Forums, and maybe pipe in my two cents, and to post in some of the writing challenges (specifically poetry challenges). Sometimes, I even log into c-box to see what people are up to!

    I like comics, cartoons, books, and sometimes I enjoy conversation and human company. Mostly, though, I'm an animal person.
    If I decide I don't like you, you'll know almost immediately;so it wouldn't be too bad of a waste of your time to talk to me, even if we don't get along.
  16. Bah fucking humbug.

    That is all.
  17. I'm October! I came to Iwaku 3 years ago, on July 19 2009. Loveless showed me the site as we both were members at another RP community. I, like many, loved the community and never thought twice about staying here or to find another outlet for my forum RP addiction. When I first met Diana in the Cbox I had this strange urge to work for her and help Iwaku.

    I changed my user name from October Knight about 6 months ago to October Leche (Leche is milk in Spanish) cause I wasn't feeling very knightly. People ask me sometimes why I picked October for a name and I always say "Cause I love that time of year". October through February are my favorite months, I do not like summer or spring. I suffer depression from March to July. Some people get seasonal allergies, same difference.

    I'm a laid back dude, very chill, very friendly, open minded. Iwaku has always been my secret life. No one I know IRL would understand and it would do no good to go on and on about this hobby to people who may not even have a firm grasp on Role-play in general. So I am Tye in real life, and October online. Also, October when I meet Iwaku people IRL....I think I answer to both names, it's kind of weird sometimes.

    I don't really know what else to say, I recently got a new job and I am not active like I used to be. It sucks cause all I want to do is make characters and play them in the super awesome RPs that Iwakians create.
  18. Hey there everyone. I am Lstorm, which is short for Lightning Storm. No, the signature is not accurate. Yes, I still like it and I had a good laugh because of it. And in case you were wondering, no, I am not an actual Lightning Storm, electricity and lightnings are just one of my areas of interest, because I think it is interesting and weird.

    Anyways, I joined the site on the last day of March, so I have not been a member for too long, but I really enjoy being here. Currently, I have a lot of free time, but that will likely change during the future. However, right now, I am enjoying my freedom, and entering every roleplay that I am interested in. My main area of interest is science-fiction, but I usually join every roleplay that makes me think of a character immediately, or a roleplays with an interesting premise. If there is one thing that you should know about me, is that I like to challenge myself and experiment a lot with different types of characters so that I get more experience portraying them. In the spirit of experimentation, I also like to put myself in interesting perspectives.

    I have been roleplaying for a while, and I use my roleplays or characters as vessels for my ideas, therefore, I sometimes tend to go overboard with the characters that I create. For me, roleplays are a way to get rid of my plot bunnies and focus on my own writing so that I do not start too many projects at once. (That reminds me, I should finish up one of my projects. Oh, the joys of writing and re-writing your own prose until you feel it bears printing.) Roleplaying is also a way for me to have some fun without having to correct, re-write or completely revise what I am writing.

    Besides roleplaying and writing, I am also somewhat of a gamer. I own many strategy games, but I do not have the extensive collection that other people seem to have, just a few classics that I enjoy. I also enjoy doing the various challenges as they kick my mind into gear, and make a great outlet for my plot bunnies, so if you make a challenge, I will be likely to reply to it.

    I think that is enough rambling for now...
  19. Hello everyone! I am Rokku! I started roleplaying about...Four or five years ago, also on myyearbook, where Cap'n Juku introduced me to roleplaying. It was good for a while, but then as he said, they killed their forums, so there was no longer any point in even staying on the site. ANYWAY...The fabulous staff member Layne brought me here, and I've had no reason to try to find anywhere else since. This is the first roleplay site I've actually had the desire to get involved with, simply because it's so inviting and awesome.

    So, my favorite roleplays are fantasy and scifi, but I'm open to most genres, so feel free to invite me, I'll at least try it out for a few posts! I'm really looking to get into more, so if you need some people to help get you started, I'm your man. Also, feel free to check out some of the rps I'm hosting, they're all newbie friendly! Let's see...I like reading and writing of course, I do draw comics and have a few 'real' pieces of art as well. I also like cooking, talking to people, history, religion, and lots of other things. You'll most likely find me in the cbox being hit by Juku. And that's about all there is to me.
  20. Hi I'm Aira

    I'm not evil...at all...honest...i'm really friendly

    You know the dead cat you found on your doorstep?

    That wasn't me ^^ Teehee

    Jokes Aside, Hi i'm aira! I'm a kiwi stuck in the concrete jungle of England. I love music (of most genres! but I love disney loads...especially the villains. My favourite has to be Lion king though.) I love books (Fantasy usually, I don't mind others like steampunk or those sexual fantasy novels. A bit of romance never hurt anyone...aside from maybe twilight xD) I also love food (SUSHI AND VANILLA COKE....<3 I will be in heaven if you ever give me both of these two things...yeah simple things simple minds, don't remind me! =P) mmmm...But I get hyper on fruit =D I have travelled a lot, I also love sports such as Rugby, Badmington, Swimming and Running. I love cute things (likes teddies and cute clothes! Japanese clothing = awesome) this also consists of animals and every cute thing! <not everything is cute - I can be a little vain and egotistical sometimes, sorry about that...my friends think I have a dominatrix complex. I wonder why?> But but! otherwise i'm friendly, honest! I love talking to people, I also love all sorts of movies and stuffs. Avengers <3 ^^ I also liked watchmen, I am legend, the time traveller's wife, garfield (how can u not! zomg), disney! (ofc!), pixar are also good and LOTR is a classic! I adore those films. =)

    I started roleplaying with Iwaku in december, ever since I have really enjoyed being a part of the community. I even found a permanent rival who I always try to be beat! even if I lose a lot I still try to keep beating because if I try hard enough I will be better! Elyd has also managed to convince me into writing poetry I don't think i'm very good at it but every time I say that I get an ear full from Zenerith =P

    I am pretty much up for anything but I am also random, bizarre and like to make things a little odd. I don't like doing things the same as everybody else but there is always method in the madness =)

    Ummm...i've been typing for too long I think i'll stop now and go chill out with a beer outside. Catch ya later y'all!