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  1. I apologize for my absense. However I am back and I am craving new roleplays and I am going to update my list asap! :] Feel free to message me though.

    Hi there, Luna here. I've been a roleplayer for almost 6 or so years and I'm not amazing but I'm pretty okay in my book. I'm 22 and am not shy of mature content, I just ask that it isn't the center of the roleplay, I like a story with my smut. Please read my profile for further interests. =]

    Okay now to move on to the boring rules and to talk about my preferences

      • I do NOT accept one-liners at all. I don't believe they contribute anything to a roleplay and lead to dead ends.
      • I love ROMANCE in a roleplay, I know its not everyone's cup of tea but its something I like in a roleplay but I am no stranger to action or any other genre, I like to mix things in with it.
      • I would like to at least have one post per day but if you end up missing a day, just let me know what happened, I won't be upset. I understand life makes us all busy and such and I'm very flexiable with time so if you intend to post sparingly [ex. Maybe once every two days or only in the evening or morning hours.] please don't hesitate to tell me so. :3 I won't bite.
      • I don't like text speak in a roleplay unless its within dialogue or to describe a characters written handwriting. (ex. t3ll, lol etc...)
      • I can write up to 2-8 paragraphs depending on what you give me. I have been known to write more than 8 paragraphs if I am given time to do so and I'm inspired to write more. I ask that you be patient with me as well, my internet isn't always the fastest but I do try to post as soon as I finish reading my partners post.
      • I do not have the best grammar and I understand we all make mistakes but there is always spell-check and other things to help with that, so I believe in acceptable grammar and spelling isn't too much to ask for. =]
      • I understand that dialogue is a hand and hand thing, but please do not speak for my character, well unless you're talking over him/her. In less words, do not be a "mind-reader" unless that is a power your character boasts. Just don't god-mod. =]
      • I know my rules seem extensive but I've been through many roleplays that die because of certain things my partner or I have done, also a huge part of roleplay is, team work! So if you have any questions about and during the roleplay, or you just plain aren't interested anymore, please feel free to contact me and let me know, maybe we can either fix the one we have, or start a new one? I don't mind it, just please don't leave me in the dark if you're bored or want something to change. I am always open to new ideas and even adding in characters to make the plot go smoothly.
      • As said previously if we add in characters , I do not mind playing any side characters to further the roleplay, but I cannot be the only one doing so. =]
      • Also I do MxM FxF and also MxF .
    • I play a male or female, I don't mind which. I also double up if requested.

    I think that is all for my rules, if I have anymore I will add them as I go along. I apologize for such a long post but its better to know what I'm looking for right? Anyway, I have a few pairings I'd like to try out and even fandoms I'm interested in such as;

    1. Harry Potter
    2. The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, by that I mean middle earth as a setting and we can make up our own story or edit the pre-existing one.
    3. V for Vendetta [ A story set with or without V in it, you can be a hero or even the new chancellor, either way would make for a good story!]
    4. Doctor Who [Never done it before so bare with me if I am rusty or bad at it.]
    5. Naruto [I haven't done one of these in a LONG time, so please be patient.] Edit!!!! I have my share of Naruto roleplay for now, so please if you don't mind pick something else?

    Now for the Pairings. My Key to my pairings, those in the color, Pink are the ones I want to do and the ones in Orange and the pairings I am most after. Have fun!
    • Foreign pop/rock star x new make-up artist
    • Maid x Estranged Prince
    • Angel x Fallen Angel
    • Writer x Escort [I have a plot for this and it will be written at the end of this post]
    • Ex, retired or current Military Official x Civilian [I have a plot for this as well, it isn't fleshed out, but that is where you come in.]
    • Veterinarian x Veterinarian assistant [I have a plot for this as well.]
    • Demon x Vampire [the plot here could be complicated, seeing as many do not believe vampires have soul, so if you're not afraid of Biblical talk then please do ask. =] ]
    • Redneck [Racist] x Character of Color

    Now that I have that all sorted out, here are the plots for the following pairings I had in mind;

    Writer x Escort
    This story begins with a young writer of romantic novels. Bold, proud and not easily intimidated and certainly not one for heart-break. Meaning they do the heart-breaking themselves.However because they write romance novels and are very much in the spot light due to recent events, a movies is being produced ,based off of their latest work. Being single they panicked, a formal party is being held in their honor but there is just one problem, they don't have a date, being a writer you don't meet many people you connect with unless your their editor. Between the movie and book, they got lost and now they have to get help, but who can pose as a classy date and isn't well known? That is where the escort comes in to play, except this time they get caught in the act by their rival novelist in a lie and have to make a hasty decision. Admit they paid someone to play fake boyfriend/girlfriend or make it fact? Which do you think they chose? Being prideful they chose to make it real. Thus a contract is written so that the two will be together, but only until such a time it is possible to break-up and never speak again, except this time there is a problem and it isn't easily solved with a goodbye either. Can the two pull it off or will their cover be blown before the movie is released, that's up to you and I to decide.

    Military Official x Civilian

    This takes place in a small town called Tannin, two young college students are back for winter break except this time there is an unexpected result. One of the two students father is in charge for this break.

    A very strict man with very little tolerance for trouble and these two young women are going to try there hardest to stay out of his way and he knows that, he raised his daughter with the utmost respect for him and his duty to his country, she understood he was there for her, but she didn't need to be coddled when she was in college or after her mother passed. Him being on leave for the holidays was rare and he planned to make it as relaxed as he could get, but being set in his ways he knows that won't be easy. Being 45 years old you'd think he'd be less nervous to spend the next week or so in a house with two women and one being his daughter. Relaxing indeed, that is until the friend of said daughter catches his eye. He remembered (insert name here) from when she was kid, she had the same dark skin and curly hair tightly pulled into a ponytail that fluffed at the end but this one didn't have a bow like it used too. It was just a simple hair tie. Her eyes though, they were much more chocolate than before, wait! Why is he noticing this!? Being an active Admiral of the American Navy did not allow for such conduct. In all his years as a sailor did he ever expect anyone to make his heart skip like his late wife did. Trying his hardest to keep his feelings in check, he muddles through, but can he do it for a whole two weeks?

    (Insert character name) is visiting with her friend for winter break while her parents are off on a cruise. Never did she think that after 15 years of knowing her best friend would she ever step foot near her father again after the two headed off to college. Her best friend hadn't noticed her sideways glances or long pauses during their teen years but she knew she had to keep her thinking in check or else she'd figure her out faster than a rubix cube. Her best friend would never understand how she felt. Besides her friends father wasn't interested in her, she was much younger than him and not to mention she wasn't exactly a size 6, being a curvy women she wasn't very confident in her looks but her best friend was quick to reassure her of it. That was easy for her to say seeing as she actually was a size 6. Ah well, its only two weeks right? Besides its not like he'll be around them a lot or bothering them, right?

    This plot is actually really exciting to me, and probably not as fleshed out as I'd like, but if you don't mind playing a 45 year old male Naval Admiral than give it a shot. =]

    Redneck x Character of Color

    Now to similarly explain this without sounding like a straight werido is to imagine a women moves into a small town, to get away from her past. Only to find out the town she moved too isn't so keen on her being there, but somehow she ends up working for a bar. The town has a well known family for having two violent and very aggressive men. The father was a drunk as was the mother but the two men are older now and live together but they followed in their fathers footsteps and embraced the values. That is until one of the brothers becomes infatuated with the new girl in town.

    Then we go from there. This roleplay is bound to come up with slurs, and to include violence and more but if you'd like to give it a try I'd love to play the new girl in town. :] [Its and odd request but that is my fault for reading too many Merle Dixon from TWD fanfictions. Haha]

    Well that is all I have for this post, happy roleplaying!

    P.s. If you'd like you can always suggest new pairings or roleplay fandoms and even plots, feel free to do so!

    [I moved my post here because a lot of my themes could relate to mature content.]
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  2. I'd love to do the demon x vampire one with you.
  3. Ooh would you like to do the Veterinarian x Veterinarian assistant one?( I would have been keen for the military official x civilian but I couldn't pull off a male character like that). Or a doctor who rp? I also would say naruto but you have plenty of them by the sound of it XP
  4. I don't mind the Veterinarian x Veterinarian assistant, PM me and we can discuss it and if you really wanted to I can play the male of the Military officer x civilian, I don't mind it. :]
  5. Oh...I like a couple of these. :)
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  6. Well please feel free to PM me and we can get started on discussing them. ^^