Hello Everyone, Lets be Summer BESTIES!

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  1. Hello Everyone!
    I'm so glad to have found such an awesome website such as this. Hopefully over the summer I will have the joy of meeting a few of you and hopefully hash out a wonderful role play world or two!

    So a little about me, my names Fox, Foxy, or Tea (Short for Tegan)
    I'm just a normal girl from the sunniest state in the good ol' USA, California. I'm going to school working on my masters so saying I spend a lot of time in front of the computer is an understatement. Though I do find time to enjoy the great outdoors and spend time with my "family" which consists of four dogs, two horses, and an evil milk cow.

    I have be participating in post by post rpgs since the early 2000's, starting on the WB website for Harry Potter. (Harry rules!) Since then I have played on and off for a while before taking a break all together, hey we all have life get in the way!

    But now I'm back for the summer and would love to dust off and polish my rusty skills, I have a few genres that I really enjoy but I am looking to expand my range of writing so if you have an idea you think I may like but the genre Isn't listed send the idea to me anyways.


    Fantasy, dragons, witches, warlocks OH MY!
    Apocalypse / Wartime
    Tv and Literature based RPG (Bitten, Linger, Harry Potter, LOTR, Robin Hood)
    Sci-Fi (little experience)

    Much Love and Safe Wanderings
  2. Hello Fox!

    Interesting, we actually have a member on here named Tegan. I find that interesting because I had never heard the name before I joined this site and now I've seen it twice. I like it :D


    Ahem.. anyway..

    We have a lot of new people joining for the summer season, so I don't think you'll have a problem fitting in! If you're looking to knock that rust off before you jump into a real roleplay, you should check under our Content section to find the Institute forum. There we have challenges to help you get back into the swing of things. If you want to just go all out and see what happens, we have all of the genres you mentioned! Yes, really. Seriously, we have people interested in everything.

    Some things you don't want to know about, but that is beside the point, here..

    We also offer either Group Roleplays or 1x1s, so just go for whatever fits your style. If you don't see anything in the requests/sign-up threads that suits your fancy, don't hesitate to create one of your own! We have plenty of members who are bound to like the same things!

    Enjoy! :D

  3. Hello Everly!

    Thank you for the Snape Stamp of Approval!

    Ive peeked around the sit and have already put up a thread in the free play forum so hopefully Ill hook a member or two with it. Thank you so much for the tip about the Institute Forum, Ill probably head there now to peek around and see what sort of trouble I can get into there!
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  4. Welcome to the site, Fox! Hope you enjoy your time here! There's tons of rpleplays on Iwaku and I'm sure you'll find lots of roleplays of your favourite genres to join! If you're looking for people to draw up banners for your roleplays or character art for those roleplays also, you should check out the Museum Of Creative Arts "Shops and Requests" Forum! If you're looking to show us your poetry, writing, or song making, head to Showcases! If you're looking for a break from roleplaying, head to General Chatting or Cbox! We're all friendly people on Iwaku and if you have any questions, anyone on Iwaku should be asked because we're all lovely people! Hope to see you around the forums! :)
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