Hello everyone! It's Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrakadishu!

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  1. Hi there! I'm just here, jumping on the "I just got here" bandwagon. I'm joining this forum mainly because I like roleplay forums, but most of the forums I participate in only have subforums on roleplaying, and the threads they have never seem to survive for long, so. . . here I am! I hope to have lots of fun here!
  2. its nice to meet you, and we all hope that you have lots of fun here too.
  3. Hello there and welcome to Iwaku ^^
  4. I think you will definitely like it here. We have just started Sci-Fi month, and it will be a ton of fun!
    If you need anything feel free to message me ^.^
    I'm Celest.
  5. I can't always vouch for roleplay survival, but at least I can say it'll be AWESOME while it lasts. 8D Welcome to the community!
  6. Hello Raka! Nice to meet a fellow newbie! ^.^ Its a little intimidating posting for the first time, but, somehow, I don't think you have that problem! X3
  7. Hia Raky and welcome to Iwaku! The name is Rina, pleasure to meet your acquaintance
  8. Suddenly I wish I could roll my R's. ;_;

    Welcome to Iwaku, Rakadishu!