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The types of roleplays that i do always have romace in them. Im a sucker for romance. And then 99.9% of the time, they have smut in them. I play male and female characters, i try to do more female because i do a lot of male.

As far as senerios go, right now i dont have many, but im open to a lot of things. But some of my ideas include:

-God and a human (Mxm preference)
This one, a little bit of backstory of it is the human would be raised in a village in the mountains. He would be mute, so he would write to communicate. The village worships this sleeping god and every so often they would send someone up the mountain to check up on him, and when the human goes up, the god would wake up and pretty much try to convince him to stay and be with him.

-Mute Guy/girl and a Mindreader guy/girl.
So the guy/girl can read minds, but he/she can hear everyones thoughts at the same time,if they are all in the same room. Its really stressful to deal with, so he/she trys not to be close to anyone. So enter mute Guy guy/girl who trys to be friends with them because its not often they get to talk to people.

-Mafia daughter and a regular guy
So this one, I would like to play the girl.
Backstory for thisone. College girl is very shy and is easily scared. College guy is very jockish and has a big head about things. So they get assigned to a project together so they have to spend time together. Guy starts getting feelings, but doesnt admit it.
**Part of this roleplay will get elements of a kink called Kitten Play. Is youre not up for it, its okay, but i love the idea of my girl with kitten ***

Wearwolf male x Human male

So this is a little plain and simple. I keep craving a dominating Wearwolf guy to do dominate this little cutie that i have. I already have my character for him and some back story. I feel like they would work at the same place, just doing different things. And at first the wearwolf would be not so keen to the human, but once his heat kicks in for the month, he wouldnt be able to controle himself. After that, it can be a lot of fluff, and cuteness, but maybe some heat breaking things.

So with this, i had the idea of a mermaid being captured by a very infamous pirate. At first he would be a huge asshole to her, maybe even abusive. She tries as hard as she can to not piss him off, but hes just filled with anger. But i feel like something would happen and he would start feeling very protective of her.

Neko adoption
So this can be with any gender. So it can go one of two ways. First way is that its a world that people keep Nekos and other hybrids as pets. Think of Nekopara in that sense. So in that one, the Neko would be very submissive and listen to their owner.

The second way it could go is that it was a vlavkmarket deal. The neko would be very defiant and try to escape before just comming ti terms of their situation.

So like i said, i dont have many ideas, but im open to a lot of things.