Hello everyone...I'm finally back....Sorry it took me so long....

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  1. Hello everyone it's me Angelic_Devil finally back from only god knows long and just wanted to say a few things here.

    One that I am so sorry than you have no living idea how sorry and bad I feel for leaving and not being able to come back for so long until now! I mean really sorry and I bet most of you won't forgive me...I don't even forgive myself but I wanted you all to know that I truly am sorry....u-u

    Two that I did not just leave because I just didn't feel like going on. No something happen and I have not be able to go online at long for the past I think weeks...For that I really am sorry and I know that most won't forgive me but I just wanted to let you know I really am. What made me leave well please don't worry about it since I am back now and will try and make everything better...hopefully...but if you truly have to know just PM and I might tell you but still I just yeah....

    Three for everyone who I was RPing with that is reading this I want to make the most honorable apologizing to them since I think they the most need it.....I think every RP I was in went to the graveyard and for that I truly and honestly apologize to them and if you want to talk about it or start it up again please message me as soon as you can or want. If you don't and are angry with me I understand and won't force you but I am still very sorry.

    But this is all I have to say and once again I apologize to everyone for being gone for so long and I will wish it will not happen again.....
  2. MISUKI!!!!!! Dx *snuggles and never lets go* T^T
  3. ACK! *Falls to the floor for the impact* Hello Tenchi! I have missed you a lot! :d
  4. Welcome back!

    Good to see you again!

  5. Heeeeeeeeey!
    The cute lady who wants to kill my family!

    Welcome back!

    We all have bad moments in life. Stupid moments. Depressing moments. We all do things we regret, we all make bad choices, we all sometimes behave in a derpy way. I do at least, so I'd rather speak for myself... I just used we because I think I'm not the only one. You just have no idea how often and how stupidly I lose my mind in ways I'd never imagine.

    So don't feel so bad, for whatever that was that happened to you. Or for whatever the reason you decided to go. What is important is that you're back! And that you want to be here!

  6. Only Gods knows how long?
    Well yes, yes I do ^^ It was almost five weeks that you were gone x)
    God (me) forgives your absence and that means the world has also forgiven you ^^ Everyone that doesn't forgive you will go to hell!
  7. *Hugs* Misuki-chi. Welcome Back =)
  8. Welcome back!!
  9. :O I missed everyone so much! *Hugs you* Thank you for not getting mad at me!! ;A; I was just yeah. I'm sorry!
  10. Really? I was really gone for that long....? *Goes hide in a hole* I'm so sorry...;A; But thank you for forgiving me....Also your, god...? Wow many people are going to be scared when they hear that! Cx But really. I'm sorry... ._.
  11. ...If red is god I am Satan -_-
  12. Ofc I am God ^^
    Actually Aira, I just told people that it was Satan that did all bad things so that they would keep worshiping me ;) Satan don't exist, I just like torturing people and watch them die XD heheh but don't tell anyone, it would destroy my reputation ;)