Hello everyone! :D

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  1. I am.... Call me asher! any way *Shuffles papers* here it is! yes the roleplaying sight im normally on has flipped the table and made the soup spill, by that i mean that its broken to hell and back :D am i sad? well... actually a little... That doesn't matter, at the moment, vanilia is one of my friends from the older sight and.... *Pausing to think of something deep or cool to say* Well, got nothing there... any way hello, everyone... wait this is repeating itself... CURSE YOU TYPING! YOU WIN THIS ROUND! nope, i win :p... dont worry if you don't understand me at first, i didn't either.
    Still, all things aside i hope i become a great part of this sight and i can tell already that every one here is great :D so... ready for random spam about joining roleplays any time now :D
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Mister Asher! If you need anything, let me know~!
  3. Hi there Asher! Weeeeeelcome!