Hello Everyone :3

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  1. Via would be the nickname that I would like to be called, but just call me Viatrix if you want :]

    I am a female and definitely 18 years old.

    The roleplay that I would like to play usually depends on the day, I like to experience different things ^__^;

    The character that I've sticked to since I was 16, is a female that is very sweet, but soon would turn insane.

    I'm usually an Imaginary person, I like a mix of this and that, turtle kittens! who has ever seen a cat with a turtle shell upon the back of a cute little kitten?! not me, but I'd like too ~

    My favorite song would have to be "This is what rock n' roll looks like" by Porcelain Black Ft Little Wayne. :heart:

    Many people call me quiet and not the social type, but I beg to differ, I LOVE talking to people, I adore every single human being. :heart:
    My friends from other sites call me a sweetheart, because I'm so nice to everyone.
    WELP! I guess that''s the end of my little introduction, thanks for reading ;Giggles, scurrying off into the shadows to hide.;
  2. Welcome to Iwaku~! Great to have you here! It's nice having Newbies around! Hope you enjoy Roleplaying here! Best of luck and if you want to RP some time shoot me a PM. =)
  3. Awww! I like that name... Via -nods-
    Welcome to Iwaku! :D
    I'm Celest. If you need help or anything don't be scared to message me ^.^
    I hope you like it here.
  4. Thank you, mister. I appreciate your warm welcome.

    Also, Thank you, Celest. I really appreciate the warm welcome from every single one of you
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Claire. Hope you enjoy your time here and if you need anything just ask : )
  6. Thank you Octomus :)
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Clair. I hope you enjoy what the sight has to offer you ^^
  8. Awhiee, thank you so much ^___^ ;; I feel so welcomed!
  9. Welcome to Iwaku, Claire! I'm fairly new myself. You picked an awesome time to join - we just started sci-fi month! Woo! xD
  10. Allow me to formally welcome you to the community, madam Via ST Cloud! 8D
  11. Hello Vy and welcome to this wonderful place called Iwaku! I am Rina and I hope yo have a great time in here, which I know you will ^-^
  12. Hello, Claire Viatrix! However I will probably forget to call you Viatrix and end up with Claire. Welcome to Iwaku! Poke around and have fun.