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  1. I am new to this site and I really like the looks of it so far. I am somewhat new to roleplaying...still not the best so if you roleplay with me please don't expect like an entire essay from me every time :/ I try my best to please those I roleplay with. I made a group almost as soon as I joined and it is a Sci-Fi action adventure RP if anybody is interested in joining me :3
    I am twenty years of age and am a Female :P
  2. Being the best at rp is not a matter of essay long posts! It's the ability to 'roleplay' a character effectively in a game, progressing the story in new and exciting directions, while interacting with other players!

    Welcome to Iwaku :)

    If you want some good advice that I wish -I- had when I was new to rp, check out this link!
  3. Hehe thank you very much for the warm welcome :P and thanks for the link also It should help out a lot.
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  4. Hehe you're too sweet, I would ask if you wanted to Rp but you are probably swamped with messages and stuff huh?
  5. Hiya! :) I'm new, myself. I've only recently joined Iwaku and so far the people I've met are really friendly~ Call me Des. I'm also up for RPs, so PM me if you'd like to.
  6. Welcome to Iwaku Crescent! I hope you're having a great time so far. And no worries, you'll get along with people in your RPs here :) Even veterans are continuously learning the ways of role play :)