Hello! Dominic here, and I am a newbie!

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  1. Hello, My name is Dominic, and I am 15 years young. As I'm sure you're assuming, I'm new here. I like to Roleplay a ton, as again, you can safely assume. I wasn't aware of sites like this though! I am a guy, and I like any kind of genre, really. I do have an interest in Vampires though, and anything involving history is a yes for me. I like playing as a character who always follows the orders of those above him, and is loyal to his faction, if any. I also don't mind being an Anti-Hero. But i'm truly open to anything. I am interested in joining a group of Roleplayers as well. Like, a group that does all sorts of scenarios together. Specific genre or not, I'm happy either way. If you need to know anything else, you can check out my profile, or just ask c:
  2. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around! I'm 16 years young! I also love to RP alot! :p Anyways groups usually form sepretaly for each diffrent RP, becuase usually not everyone is interested in what everyone else likes, but their are a few groups that like to RP together. I'm not in one of them though so I couldn't really say much about them :P
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Mister Dajw! That is an interesting user name. I pronounce it like Da-je-wah.

    Hope to see you in some threads soon!