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  1. Hello!! First things first, I am EvileEye.
    You dont have to call me that, anything will do as long as it isnt a profanity.

    Also, If it is a romantic based roleplay I only do MxF with me being the F. I dont care if you prefer playing males and are a female in RL. Or if you prefer playing females and are really a male.

    If it is a friendship/adventure 1x1 then I dont care.

    Some truths:
    I get distracted.
    I forget what I was typing and end up typing in circles.
    Love adventure/scifi roleplays.
    If it has to do with Gods or superpowers count me in.


    Thats it for now.
    Message me if you have an plot idea, im down for pretty much anything and I will be adding plots later on today.
  2. Hi, E.E. (you said anything; I went with initials...)

    I'm new to the site and pretty much the concept, even though I've been writing for years. I'm pretty much up for anything as I'm trying out this new method of creative expression.

    If you want to do something romantic, I'm male and prefer playing males, so that wouldn't be a problem. Also, gods and superpowers work very well with me. We can take on established personas or create our own.

    So, basically, if you're still interested and looking, let mw know.

    St. T
  3. Steampunk Based

    Females character images



    1} Spoiled

    At eighteen my character is considered beautiful but spoiled, coming from a rich family she has never known struggle that is until she meets you. One second meeting that was all it was but you put her down, made her feel bad for how she was raised but it stuck with her and has sense spent her days creating and building new animatronics. Her bots have taken the city by storm and all but a little of her proceeds are pumped into the under cared for part of the city. Living alone in a run down apartment and pushing her well off family away, only to come to her older brothers birthday party, a couple months past her twentieth, and to re meet you.

    (Now, this roleplay can be played several different ways; one being that he really was from the underclass but had meet my characters brother when he was at college on a scholarship and what he said to her was just born out of having a bad day. OR he was a rich kid who was slumming it and when he saw the pretty girl that he knew was from the upper-class her decided to take all his fake wrath out on her. Of course there are other ways to play it and I am not disinclined to play them differently then what is written here.)

    2} Beastly

    In a world were there is a wall separating the poor from the rich and a fortress that overlooks all but is sealed shut from anyone entering or exiting there is a small girl, known for being one of the best thief's around she is hired to break into the fortress and to steal a priceless ever living ruby rose. Now, the girl takes the job to save her sickly father from death but upon entering the building of gold she finds there are far worst things to fear.

    (When I came up with this idea I had thought having modifications done on a human being illeagal and having the man in the fortress being the reason but again, this is your character and your back story it is up to you why he is locked in there, how long he has been, and why he might be considered a best.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.