Hello Darlings



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Hello dears, I am Sarah. Nice to meet you all... Do you like chocolate? I like chocolate...

Anyways, I figured I would just pop by, say hello, meet people.

So, as I have stated before, I'm Sarah. Female, obviously. I am also slightly insane, but, we all are underneath it all. I have a bit of RPing experience, but only a few months worth, still... Let's just say I got appointed Moderator and Co-Administrator in a few of the places I have been. I will tell you now that I tend to be semi-lit, and I do hate anyone who always posts stupid one-liners.

I don't tend to really have much of a character I usually play, because I adapt them to the story. But they do tend to be sarcastic, clever/witty, have screwed up parentage or darker histories.

Anyways, I will stop ranting on and on, and let you all return my hello.
*Scribbles out the term 'semi-lit' and writes in 'good poster'.*

Hello Sarah II! :D You might get confused with out other Sarah who is an active member, so that is a heads up! D:

Welcome to the community! >:3
-Types while in a yoga position.-
-Hands the newbie a puppy.-
Merry Thanksgiving Easter. :3
<3 welcomee.
Hey sarah :D
I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove chocolate :D
It's heaven ^^ ihihi

Welcome to iwaku ^^
Thank you all for the kind welcomes!

Another Sarah, hmm? I will have to watch that. If it gets annoying or confusing, you might see me become someone else -ponders over if TheMostEpicPersonEverInExistance is taken- lol xD


Merry Thanksgiving Easter to you too! -Takes puppy- Yay! So cute! Thank you! -hands a three headed cat in return-


It is heaven! So lovely, so delichious! Darling, we think alike, as do all great chocolate-loving minds.
hahah you can't survive without chocolate ;) the world would die if chocolate disappeard :D
I know! That is actually how I plan for world domination, you know. Take all the chocolate and hold it hostige. Only when they all follow and bow to me will I return it. Mwahahaha, >:)
*bows* Don't take my chocolate T-T
Can I be your right hand? :D hihhihi
Hmm.... Are you insane, evil, and completly obedient to I, Supreme Ruler of Earth- which I just decided to rename Sarah's Land? Then yes, you may be my right hand. Now, Right Hand, shall we proceed with our plan?
WOOT! Err, can Supreme Leaders woot and still look repectable? I SAY YES! WOOT WOOT!
And then we will eat the chocolate of all who do not obey us! >:D
Woot is the most respectable thing a person can say \(^^)/ ihihi
Yay :D
*almost hoping half the earth will disobey us just so we can eat their chocolate*
Of course it is.
-Adresses the world- Woot! You must all obey me- Woot!- Or I will steal all your chocolate and eat it! Woot Woot!
-Turns back to Right Hand- I hope a few scientists follow us though, so we could loose all the weightfrom all our chocolate-eating. xP
Yeah... that would be good xD
Or else we probably need to run a marathon a day to not go up in weight xD
Urrrg, but that needs work, and my hands are full with world domination going on! Those scientists better join...
hahhaha xD I can torture them :D then they will join ^^
*the person who takes after the saw movies*
-Grabs rusty hatchet and slings over shoulder- Okay, let's get to work. Horror movie style.
And I will take with me my zombie polar bear that I got when I was a newb here ^^
*still remembers what happend 31 days ago*
A zombie polar bear? Le gasp! Can I pet it? xD

Well, now you got a noob-er friends xD !
*polar bear glare with blood red eyes*
Yeah :D he maybe bites but that just means he likes you ^^
Btw if I bites you, then it also means I like you ^^
... WTF you taste like chocolate o.O