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  1. My, my, my... Here I am, sitting in the open computer lab, sixth floor of the main building of my school, avoiding my apartment (and the metaphoric sock on the doorknob) like the plague, with such a bright shining road of new acquaintances, allies, and friends before me. My heart swells with joy, knowing what a wonderful time we all have in store!
    Hello, everyone! My name is Jimmy-Sue, I'm 18 years old and... Well, I don't identify with a specific gender. Yes, I was born with and currently have the organs to assign me a sex - the female set to be specific - but I feel I'm not exactly a girl beyond the physical nor am I boy, as in being transgendered. Quite a head-scratcher, yes I know, but don't worry. You're not the only one cocking your head as you read these words, muttering a little "huh?" under your breath, and I'm more than willing to explain to all those willing to listen... Er... Read. I am gender-fluid, meaning I tend to flow along freely in identity and presentation of myself between masculine and feminine. For example, I love my heels and dresses. I love to get all prettied up with my make up and curling iron, and people even get away with calling me "miss" or "ma'am". Those are some days. Other days, I like to put on my suit and tie, put on a manly strut, and politely open doors and pull out chairs for my lovely lady friends while I marvel at what a stud I am as I unconsciously effeminate my male and masculine identified friends... These are extreme cases, mind you - MOSTdays, I'm quite neutral, taking each step as just... Human, I guess. So what can you reference me as, in terms of pronouns?! "She" and "her" may suffice - I'm not a Nazi about this kind of thing - or even "he" and "his" may work if you feel so inclined. "They" is much more acceptable to me, though not quite so grammatically. So, for those of you who are REALLY baffled, who really want to use something safe and grammatically correct: "xi", "xir", and "xirs" in lieu of "he/she", "his/her", and "his/hers" is THE BEST set of pronouns to use in this situation. And to those of you who do it, kudos and MAJOR brownie points! (Seriously, though, as long as you don't use "it", we'll really have no problems)
    So, to those of you I haven't scared away with that... Er... Paragraph on my identity, I'm also a rather easygoing person. It takes a lot to upset me and even more to make me really react. I give respect where respect is due and even where it actually shouldn't be. I'm not going to say I'm a mat to be stepped on, but I do have a tendency to bend over backwards. Don't abuse it, and we may actually get along genuinely great for weeks, months, even years from now.
    I'm a person of many hats. By day, I am a college student - broke with stomach empty, but heart full of dreams - studying animation. By night, I dance along the streets of San Francisco, partying and/or fighting crime - whatever you'd like to believe. I'm an LGBT Rights activist, an occasional stage hand for a local opera company (not the San Francisco Opera, sadly... One can dream, though), and a good shoulder to cry on when people need it. I even used to do cat rescue and adoptions once upon a time. I enjoy rock climbing, free running, kayaking, and juggling - though with little time to keep in practice, I can't say I'm especially skilled at these things. I also enjoy people watching and, most of all, drawing and writing. I enjoy storytelling, through words and imagery and, while I go to school to learn to tell stories visually, I have come here to better tell stories in text.
    With the hectic life I have in the "real world" I do enjoy winding down and just getting my mind as far away as possible. Thus, my favorite role playing genres would have to be Fantasy and Science Fiction.
    So, that's a little bit about me. I guess there may be more to know - there's always more to be known about people, it just takes some time to learn it. So I invite your friendships, I invite the fun times we may have role playing together. Here's to a wonderful time, darlings! Let's make the best of it!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku.

    Its great to have you here!

    If you need any help, please let us know. ^^
  3. I got confused half-way through. Is that okay? It should be okay. Most people get confused half-way through my sentences too...


    So, Welcome to Iwkau and everything, Leaf! I am Iliana, Goddess of Fire, and I will reread this 3 times to make sure I know what you're talking about! In the meantime, explore the Forums and stuff! If there is anything you need, throw a rock at my head, and I'll...probably bleed...but help too! D:
  4. *Bops Iliana on the head.* You, stop being confused. It is rather straight forward. Hrmph.

    Anyways, welcome to the forum. Enjoy your time here.
  5. Thank you everyone! :D
    And don't worry about being confused Iliana. :)
  6. Welcome to the board, always happy to learn something new from a new member.
    If your character ever wants someone to interact with, I'm sure xi wouldn't take too much offense to mine.