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  1. Sup! I'm Enyrm; I'm a 19 year old guy, and an English Uni student. I got directed here by a friend from another forum (he's Super Cat on here). I used to roleplay a fair bit, but haven't done so properly ina good few years. I'd love to get into building a story with other people :). I personally am into writing of the fantasy/steampunk/supernatural variety (all rolled into one or just variations thereof perhaps...?). Currently attempting to plan books and shiz, chugging along at a steady pace.

    In terms of roleplays, I guess I'll find out what I'm into! I used to mainly roleplay on fantasy style roeplays, but I think modern-day/futuristic ones could be cool too. It all depends on what I see.

    I'm into a variety of things, video games, some webcomics, random music, whatever. Get to know me if you want specifics, there's just too much stuff to fit in here haha.

    So yeah, that's me. Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!
  2. Oh, I guarantee you will love it here, Enyrm!

    Welcome, Enyrm, Friend of Super Cat.
    Please, have a cookie.

    We have roleplays for every genre out and about and we always welcome new ideas!
    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you.

    See you around!

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  3. Welcome Enyrm. friend of Supercat. I'm sure you'll find everything you are looking for here, and if not, start your own game up. We have lots of people always looking to join games! No thread goes unanswered!
  4. Thanks! I'll take a look around and start posting I guess.
  5. Hello Enyrm! 8D Do experiment! Experiment lots! I know I tried out all kinds of genre and styles and crazy stuff until I found the ones I liked the most. Sometimes I still find myself trying something new. XD

    Welcome to the community!
  6. I am glad you decided to join Enyrm. :D I can't wait for the opportunity to roleplay with you again especially since it has been so long.
  7. Hello, Enyrm! I saw you in the cbox this morning (well except not morning in your time zone). Glad you are finding your way around!