Hello Comrades

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  1. I am new.
  2. YAY! My evil plans are working! I will now tell you my reasoning for bothering you and your fellow comrades of your region.. my evil plan all along was to get people to join this site! YAY! Victory is mine!

    All so have they stopped deleting your nations?

    You can join this group and talk about them and stuff...


    All so when going to the chatbox id be careful around Koori.. she is really scary... but she is nice when you get to know her!
  3. It's worked comrade :)
    They have stopped deleting my nations.
  4. YAY! Now it will take you a bit to collect all those members again..
  5. At least im not banned forever.
  6. Hello and Welcome, friend of Isabellas from Nationstates!
  7. Octobers! *pokes them* they are nice.. Another dictatorship like Vandoosa.. we get along well..
  8. Hello, new personage!
    You don't have your roleplayer's resume up yet! :0