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The Sarlacc is my swolemate.
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Hello citizens, This is your ecchi King.​

I have been Rping for a little over a year on MAL. (Myanimelist) I have even created my own RP club there. SO I am not new to roleplaying itself, however I am new to this site and the technicalities of it.

I must give a shout out to my great Head of State of the Ecchi Kingdom, my Husky/malamute, Stubs. I know you are a dog, but thanks for not giving me odd looks when you hear the erotic sounds of Rias moaning while I enjoy Highschool DxD. I really appreciate it.

I must also thanks my good friend from MAL, Conman. He has brought me here and opened up this new Kingdom for conquering.

I am about to graduate from University in May, and I play Football for my University. (Not American football. Real football. The kind of football that actually played with your feet.) I played Amateur/Semi-Pro paintball for awhile as well. So feel free to discuss those kind of things with me. I am an absolute avid supporter of world football and would love to tell you how Messi is the Greatest Player of all time and why Chelsea are so bad. The Blue Moon is also rising. Pre 2008 Manc till I die.

I used to be a DJ so I love music. All kinds except Country. I just can’t enjoy anything fake like that. I obviously watch anime as well. Feel free to discuss that.

Thanks for reading through the Ecchi Kings decree. Anything else you want to discuss/know just talk to me. I’m pretty approachable.
Not open for further replies.