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  1. Ooookay, here we go, a list of things I want to roleplay. I have some options down but feel free to suggest more. Though all are MXF And with the two role listed options I prefer to be the option in Bold letters. And I am ALWAYS looking for more roleplays so don't ask 'are you still looking?' because the answer is: Yes, yes I am.

    ~Rich x poor
    ~Best Friends
    ~He saves her from an abusive boyfriend
    ~Shy Girl x Bold guy
    ~Demon x Human
    ~Werewolf x Vampire
    ~Rivals to lovers
    ~The heirs of kingdoms at war
    ~Monster Hunter x Vampire
    ~Arranged marriage
    ~He saves her life
    ~Werewolf x Human
    ~Vampire x Human
    ~Master x Slave (slave or master can be anything. Human, anthro, supernatural race, ect.)
    ~A girl trying to hide her gender in an all boys school for reasons I will decide. You could play a guy that helps her or blackmails her to do whatever he wants, all up to you. It could be a vampire school as well and her trying to hide that she's human.
    ~Mermaid x Sailor
    ~Anthro x Human (I can play either though I would prefer to be the human in this situation)
    ~Anthro couple
    ~God/Demi God x Human
    ~Bad guy x Good Girl
    ~Medieval Times Noble x Farmer
    ~Medieval Times Prince/King x His Servant
    ~Criminal x Woman who hides him

    And basically any other plot you can think of. Just run it by me

    What I expect:

    ~You to be on at least once every day, it does not take very long to make a post, you can spare fifty seconds of your day though I like it when people post a lot.
    ~Provide ideas. I will as well, but I don't want to be the only one making ideas.
    ~Have an opinion! When I give an idea or ask for one from you don't just say 'Yeah sure why not' or stuff like that. Actually give imput.
    ~I don't care about post length, but I will not post more than a 4-5 sentence paragraph a post. I like having a lot of roleplays running at once so I gotta be able to answer quick.
    ~This is the most important one. Know. How. To. Spell. I get that you get typos every once in a while but if every other word is spelled wrong it is going to annoy the hell out of me.

    What to expect from me:
    ~I will be on every day unless I get myself in trouble or I am deathly ill
    ~I will be on all of my waking hours that I can
    ~I will provide plot twists and take them back if you don't like them
    ~I will go with the stuff you like, as long as it does not cross my boundaries, which are not very big.
    ~I will talk in either first or third person, whichever you prefer.
    ~I will NOT be a mary sue, everyone has flaws.
    ~I will try to talk every once in a while in ( )s, I enjoy conversing with my roleplay partners. And I may sometimes post funny pictures while we roleplay.
  2. i like the idea of the girl trying to hide her gender can you pm me to discuss details?
  3. yep, message me
  4. I like the arranged marriage one. Pm me?
  5. I like saving girl from an abusive boyfriend and heirs to warring kingdoms, PM me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.