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  1. Heya!
    What to tell, what to tell?
    I am female, turning 18 in may.
    I hate the cold, love the heat, love the darkness but hate the sun. You're free to call me Nat or natte.
    First time on this exact site, but I've been roleplaying for over 2 years now.
    And I love too many types of rp to give one answer.
    So, yeah. HI!
  2. Hey there, Nat! Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Hallo Nat! :D Welcome to our aboooooode!
  4. Hi Nat. Welcome to Iwaku. :)
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Nat!
  6. Hello and thank you everyone! :3
  7. Welcome to Iwaku ^^
    I must say I prefer the cold and the darkness, easier to move around with none nearby ;)
    Hope you find some awesome stories to partake in...
    But you may need to enter the sun and the cold, so bring that heat with you xD
  8. But.... but... Coold is so horrible!!
  9. The cold cools your head your actions, its bites away the weak parts of yourself, leaving only the still resolve and determination. And the cold treasure the heat, it is something worth fighting for in a world frozen.
    The cold is never evil, never horrible, but only those willing to abandon their humanity survive.
  10. But heat is so amazing, so soothing, so relaxing! I can't sleep if it is cold, only if it is warm. Which is why I love the summer days
  11. Funny how I was reading all that with a hot water bottle.. .______.
  12. Dont let the heat entrance you, entrap you, ensnare you in its gleaming embrace. All that awaits is the searing heat of the burning desert.
    Come instead, to the north domain, where the cold winds blow and all is ice, darkness will hide you away and bring you peace as you join us in the hunts for blood among the silent mountain-passes.
  13. -Raises hand- Born in a country which has probaly won the most goldmedals in skiing, in the winter olympics :p Cold is what I was born in
  14. Good, then why are you travelling from the origin to places of heat, foster your strength and endure the harsh tundra to bring the invaders to their knees.

    (I got stuck in the moment sorry, but I love the cold :D where are ya from then?)
  15. I'm from Norway :p Everyone here laughs when people complain about the cold :p
  16. And again, I was thinking of having a hot shower..... ._______.

    I like the dark (kinda) but like heat. I like things that come with cold though, like ice cream (you have no idea how I love that stuff!). And I've always wanted to get snowboarding but yeah..... I only went ice skating for the first time not long ago.....I completely sucked at it.... .__________. (Probably because at the time, I had hurt my ankle a few weeks before and it had finished healing but I was scared of falling over, in general.)
  17. Amen! Icecream is magic! but warm fireplaces are better.
    I fall on my back whenever I go out in the snow <.<
  18. As I am your swedish neighbor I have to point out the fact that you must be trying to walk up mountains, thats why you fall on your back ;)
    You have to climb mountains xD
  19. Pfft! I can climb the mountain, as long as I don't wear the damn Skiis!
    (But no, honestly, I hate skiing :p )
  20. Same here, I just love the cold xD
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