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Hello and Welcome to a little slice of my personal

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ShadowRoseWilliams, Sep 27, 2016.

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  1. Hoping my title caught some eyes and hooked some people in.
    Hello there!
    I'm Shadow, it is a pleasure to have you here my dear friend.

    I have been roleplaying for about 8 years now and though I have alot of experience on my shoulders I stopped roleplaying for a little while and got pretty rusty. I am picking up my skills again though.

    I post from 1-9 paragraphs depending on the plot, the characters, what is needed, what is too much, and you know etc etc. I post 2-4 paragraphs normally but some times I post one paragraph but I promise you if I enjoy the rp my posts will go from 7 to 4 to 1 to 6.

    I make sure all my characters are very diverse and well crafted. I have about 548 characters that I have created and I usually create a new one for each roleplay but sometimes I use old ones that I really enjoyed using.

    I love Romance. It just drives my writing (Probably because I rarely get any love *Awkward wink*) Anyway! I really enjoy it. It helps me get involved with the story more. Now it is not required if the characters' emotional connections are really deep and I don't want to move it any where. I have to have our characters have some sort of emotional connection whether it be hate, love, lust, fear, sibling love, parent-child love, or mixed emotions.

    I play all sexualities and genders. I don't mind playing a Hermaphrodite, A lesbian, A guy, etc.

    Genres I love with all my heart: (I love a variety so don't judge me if these are all over the place)
    • Fantasy (Elves, Dwarves, Fauns, Minotaurs, etc.)
    • Sci-Fi (Aliens, Spaceships, and very advanced technology)
    • Futuristic (Good or bad)
    • Historic (Victorian Era, Medieval, etc.)
    • Supernatural (Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, etc.)
    • Gore (Gutting people, Heavy Violence, Murder, Rape, Other very offensive subjects that I can some how handle very well)
    • Modern [Not that much] (Real life stuff~)
    • Custom (Some thing I have created)
    • Apocalypse (Zombies, Radiation, Viruses, Drought, Famine, Disease, etc.)
    • War (Bang bang and boom boom stuff~)
    • Crime/Action (Guns, Cars, Women, Drugs, Murder, Mystery, Spies, Detectives, etc.)
    Things I'm not comfortable with: (Beware this is such a long list~)
    1. Smut/Erps
    ^ That was just so unbearable reading right? ^ (I'm a very sarcastic person)

    I'm sorry if I don't seem serious but I will tell you I can be. I prefer to joke and be sarcastic cause it makes people less intimidated. I seem like a fun person when I joke (*Awkward thumbs up*)

    Well that about covers most of it~ Have a nice Day/Afternoon/Evening/Night.

    Pm me if interested or just comment. Thank you for your time.
  2. Hey, are you interested in an MxM RP? Specifically one where a Detective and his partner fall in love and solve crimes but the partner has a boyfriend who's really the killer and pretends to be helpful but really sends them on a wild goosechase until they figure out it's him? Then the reason the boyfriend kills was to both resist killing the partner and to also get money to provide for the partner thinking that he's doing it all for him.
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  3. I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute! I'd love to roleplay with.
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  4. Hm...I like the base of the idea could we tweak a few things?

    Pm me
  5. Just pm me. ^-^
  6. I would absolutely love to rp with you, if your still looking. ^~^
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  7. I am. Just pm me and we can began discussing a possible roleplay.
  8. Still looking! ^-^
  9. Hi, I'm interested in any of the genres except plain modern, but if we added something special to modern that works to, let me see if I have some room -expands my universe- ok so if your interested I have space -thumbs up-
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  10. Just Pm me ^-^.
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