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  1. Hello Names Gilliad call me Gill or what ever. Im new here but not to Roleplaying... So yea Thats me.
  2. Welcome to the Iwaku, Gill! :D
    *gives cupcake* Do enjoy it here and make plenty of friends! ^_^
    *threatens with Zombies and Goblins* OR ELSE.....
  3. Indeed I hope I shall :P
  4. what is the CBox?
  5. The Chatbox, our own little chatroom filled with insanity, heretics, shameless flirting and all other manner of corruption

    By the Way I'm GMK, resident Grey Knight, dedicated to the purge of corruption...and the drinking of beer

    *Shotguns a six pack*
  6. *offers Oreos* o____o I ate the middles already, hope you don't mind.

    Also, though I am currently sporting the title Ciel laRouge, I change my name once in a while. People know me mostly as Dawn ;D See ya around~
  7. Dawnielore is a uke, so don't trust her. >:o

    Anyways, welcome to the forums. I'm apparently one of the admins, so if you need help just send me a PM.
  8. Heylu :D Welcome to Iwaku :)
    If you ever need and help or have any questions, let me know 8D
    If you want, I can help you find a roleplay you'd like and get started :D
    I hope you have fun on Iwaku :D
  9. Welcome to the site Gill.
  10. Fun stuff,

    I'm Vay dedicated server... i mean servant to the Mods in our ever caring (or pretending to care) RP Support team. THATS RIGHT! It my job to answer you questions and help you in every way possible, and some that are essentially impossible. I see you have filled out a Roleplayer's Resume already, good show! I'll be seeing you around and any questions Don't be shy. PM Either me or Zypher for either the answers you need or to be directed to someone who does.
  11. Thanks all
  12. Why hello there. >:3 You look delicious.
  13. NO! BAD DIANA!

    *Rolls up a newspaper*
  14. I have noticed you in several RPs I'm in. Figured I'd drop in and say hi. Head hurts and thumbs bleeding...The result of playing with superglue and box cutters...Well, that's 40k for ya. lol
  15. *nostalgia attack*
  16. *Eating a cookie*

    Hi, cookie?