Hello all!

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  1. Hi everybody! My name is Winterkin, though you probably can already see that... Anyway, I'm new to this site, but I love to role play. I rather enjoy how it is just like your own story, changable an interactive with each person's influence. Though, I am busy (Finishing up my last requirements for my BA in Anthropology! Hurrah!), I try my best to pull myself from my book every day. Nice to meet you all!
  2. Well hello there Winty! :3 I am Rina and its a pleasure to have you in Iwaku! Hope you enjoy this amazing RPlaying site !
  3. Thanks Rina! I have a good feeling about it; I haven't been in a good rp in a while, and this place seems to be devoted to it. >.<
  4. We are devoted :D
    Welcome to Iwaku! Anthropology huh? That's impressive -nods-
    Well, I'm Celest! If you need anything feel free to message me ^.^
  5. Thanks Celest! I'll probably be taking you up on that offer sooner or later knowing me, haha. Just know that I don't intend to bombard you with private messages. I'm just tend to overlook things "a little." >x<
  6. It is a pleasure that you have taken a liking to Iwaku.

    My name is Tetsuri and it is a pleasure to have you here.

    I hope you can get into rp and make friends.

    It would be awesome to see what ideas you come up with as well.
  7. Hello Winterkin and welcome to Iwaku! It's pretty important to get away from the books every day or else you'll stress yourself out like WHOA. Writing is one good way of relaxing and you're at the right place for that!
  8. Anthropology! That's not something I see people studying often. Very neat!

    Welcome to the community!