Hello all

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  1. Hello everyone, I am Grandmaster Karsikan, of the Grey Knights, at your service.
  2. *Lands with a thud shaking the room before rushing up*

    Another Grey Knigit player? We will have to exchange strategies later. My name is Soldato resident Cbox lurker and welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Hola! Welcome to Iwaku! I shall give out my usual warning to be wary about the Cbox, because take the epitome of crazy and multiply it by ten, Sol is a great attribute to that.
  4. A Brother Grey Knight? this is an unexpected honor.
  5. Welcome to the site!
  6. I like knights! ^____^
  7. And I like Daem..um..er... Damon - Matt Damon, yes. He's cool.
  8. Welcome to the site.
  9. *A Bradley IFV paradrops atop Asmoman and rolls off of him.*

    That's for invoking that son of a bitches name, you son of a bitch...
  11. It is clear that Heresy breeds rampantly here.....
  12. -peeks out from behind soldato- ..........You....ah....welcome.
  13. It looks like any ordinary house in the human world with a large lawn and garden... That is on the outside. The inside space is so distorted that it has endless amount of rooms and ever expanding space for new rooms. The house can move about from country to country as the occupants desire.
  14. *stumbles in* Well no use holding back anymore I guess... Morning, hello, and welcome! Need anything? See your friendly neighbourhood mod or admin! In fact you should always blow up their PM box until you get an answer!

    As for Heresy there are Exorcists en route now to deal with the issue. It is a common reoccuring event here. Just becareful of the Alpha Legion heretic. I am sure it only through our lord's will that he behaves himself, wither that or it is all just a ruze.
  15. Yup, this place pretty much is Heresy Central. I'm sure you'll love it.

    I mean, hell, if you don't, you can always start butchering the local population. That always makes things more fun.

    Name's Grumpy, resident CBox hitman, snob, and all round maniacNICE GUY. Any questions? I'm probably not the best person to ask; that power armour of yours is pretty cool, and I've been looking for a test subject to see if it's possible to remove it by force.
  16. Whats a Grey Knights ? Do you protect Sakuras? :D

    Welcome to Iwaku ;]
    Lemme know if you need anything or have any questions <3

    && While you're at it, check out Guide & one of my favourites Roleplay Therapy
  17. as long as sakuras are human yes, and grumpy one does not simply crack my armor, lest the break the beer keg I keep stashed in there, and if you spill my beer, that is a sin far worse than any heresy that could be committed.
  18. Another army, huh?
    Maybe if you find your niche....
    Anyway, I'm Kitti, here to answer any question you might have about Iwaku ^^