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  1. Hi! Newbie here. I've roleplayed on various other websites (usually not roleplay specific websites.. I can never find one to my liking or it never works out for very long) but I can either never find a good, long lasting roleplay or I don't use the site anymore. And I used to be obsessed with roleplay. Still enjoy it now, even though for ages I only had one roleplay partner and eventually I got bored. I need variety you know? Long, written, novella type roleplays. I'm not going to lie and say I'm 100% at it, but it's good writing practice too.

    So yeah. I was just Googling up websites and this one looked pretty nice so I'm gonna give it a try. No idea how long I'll stay, how active I can be, whatever, but I'm up for trying it. Plus, I love being able to get into an online community. It's hard but it's great once you're in. Maybe I can get that here.

    So alas I must post this in the newbie thread and hopefully meet someone.

    Aaaaand I guess it's worth saying I'm not 100% on the new lingo. When I roleplayed, it was 'bio' 'OOC' 'thread' and that was about it. Now you've got 'faceclaims' and 'interest checks' and god knows what. So hopefully people won't walk away from me when I ask "huh?" ten times a minute.
  2. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku sir/ma'am, hope you like it here~
  4. Thanks to you both! xD
  5. Do not worry, I have about the same lingo as you. And everyone seems kind an patient with me, so I think you'll have a grand ol' time.

    Welcome! May you find many intriguing Roleplays!
  6. I am not sure what a face claim is either. O___O

    But welcome to the community! 8D
  7. Apparently a face claim, when used with roleplay, is when you use a celebrity as the 'face' of your character. So it's like the appearance thing. Only with fancy lingo xD

    And thanks again to you both! :D