Hello all.

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  1. I prefer to be called Seth. It's not my real name but this nick is the one I have gone by in every place I have rp'ed. Seth Bloodmoon was my very first online character, created in the late '90s when I first delved into chat room rp on yahoo.

    I am definitely a boy. However I have played several female characters. Usually warrior types, lol

    I am 35

    I am new to the site, stumbled upon it on a google search after recent events have caused me to leave my former role playing haven...

    I don't mind group rp, but I am sort of awkward at it. At least I feel that I am. Most of my online rp over the years has been with a single person.

    Do I like making snowmen or hanging out by a fire? Well, I used to enjoy making snowmen. This year, however, has been a cold one due to a lack of a working furnace till a day ago, lol. Thus I shall, for the time being, roll with hanging out by a fire!

    What song is tormenting my mind? I'm going to go with a couple choices. When Mountains Fall by Stratovarius and In My Darkest Hour by Megadeth.

    Music wise, I am pretty much a metal head. Normally I listen to a lot of symphonic metal. Also love a band called Van Canto. They are so different but I love their music!

    I honestly don't know what else to say about myself. I am not good at talking about me, lol. However I do look forward to possibly doing some story lines here. I am not the greatest of writers but I do try.
  2. Hello Seth, and welcome!! I'm glad I decided to read your post because I also happen to be a metalhead!! I've heard a few songs by Van Canto and they are pretty awesome!! If you'd like to roleplay or maybe just chat about metal, just send me a message!! I hope to see you around!!
  3. Thanks Metal Maiden, nice to meet you! Metal heads unite! :D
  4. Hmmm Stratovarius, I haven't listened to them in forever. @,@

    Welcome to the site, Seth! <3 I hope you can find a new play haven here!
  5. Welcome, Seth. My lil' bro' listens to metal. I had to ban it for a while, due to my bird trying to join in which was a little less pleasing to the ears.
  6. Thanks Diana! :D I'm sure I will!

    Thank you Twisted Dreamer! lol I can't imagine a bird trying to be 'metal' working very well.