Hello All! New person here!

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  1. Hello to all of those in this community! It will be great Roleplaying and working with all of you! I do have a request though, if at any time i'm doing anything or improperly please tell me! I only have about 4-5 years of Roleplaying experience and even then it's only with 3 of my friends! I'm a pretty friendly and funny guy if you get past my faults!
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  2. Hi, its nice to see you here on iwaku.
  3. Thanks! Nice to meet you too ^^.
  4. Hey there! *smiles* Welcome to the site! It's nice to meet you.
  5. Whispers as she rides her Tiger above the forum ~

    Welcome to the Madness. Remember nothing is what it seems in here xD

    Enjoy your stay ^^
  6. Yo Welcome to Iwaku.
  7. Hiiii Kyuuuu! Welcome to the site!
  8. Nice to meet all of you guys too! ^^, it'll be fun RPing with all of you :D, thats a cute nickname Diana XD i love it! :3, Purekor, i quite like madness XD
  9. Hey welcome to Iwaku. *Bows* I am Ichigo kurosaki and it's a pleasure to meet you.
  10. Thanks Ichigo, it's a pleasure to meet you too^^, don't forget to ask out Orihime though, she's been waiting FOREVER! XD
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  11. Yeah I will Hey to remember that. XD
  12. Welcome to Iwaku sir! hope you have a fun time here and make some new friends.
    *hugs* if you want to rp just send me a pm :3
  13. Welcome, to iwaku.