Hello, all~ c:

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  1. Decided to venture a bit out of my comfort zone and find an RP forum, today. I'm used to only RPing with my SO, so this is very new to me. That said, I love the way the site is set up, it's not intimidating at all unlike most other places.

    Though I love RPing, I'm not the best writer. Details are my worst enemy so it's very difficult for me to put together lengthy replies. That's what I'm here to work on improving.

    I only do MalexMale RPs. Something about female characters in an RP just makes me very uncomfortable... I'll be looking through the forum for an RP as soon as I get this posted.

    My main hobby is drawing. I also work on MMD models and try to make mods for Sims 3/4. So I pretty much have Photoshop open 24/7.

    Um. I guess that's about all I can think to add. Hello to you all, I'm happy to be a part of the community. c: I'd like to make new friends and whatnot.
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  2. Hiya, Kaz! And welcome to Iwaku. :)
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  3. Thanks~ c:
  4. I need to be more active in greeting people :c

    Welcome to Iwaku!
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  5. Well, we can't always be active everywhere~

    Thank you. c: I'm enjoying it here.
  6. Hi there Kaz! ^o^ Welcome to us!
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  7. Welcome to the site Kaz! Hope you enjoy roleplaying and make tons of new friends :D
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  8. Thanks, Diana and Arcadia~ c: I hope so, too.
  9. Yo! Welcome to the forum, Kaz. You'll find plenty of roleplays here that will definatly fit your preferences. Enjoy.
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