Hello Again ^.^'''

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  1. I was here before, then kinda left for no aparent reason.
    Lately been feeling like crap so came back here to hopefully live a good fantasy life at least.
    Anyone wanna RP just ask me nyaa >^.^<
  2. Welcome back! I'm new here - but I come with cherry slushies - so does that count for something!?
  3. *takes the slushie and sips at it*
    Nyaaa >^.^< that's delicious! thank you :3
  4. Welcome back Niomi! 8D
  5. Welcome back. Iwaku is the cure for whatever ails you. It works for me every time.
  6. It's great to be back diana <3
  7. Welcome back! = w= I do not know you so I am going to indruce myself...Hello Niomy, my name is Lady Raimy (Rina) :3
    *tackle hugs*
  9. Pleasure to meet you Raimy.

    TENCHIII!!!!!!!!!!!!! *smuggles to death*