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  1. Hello all my name is KThorn and I wanted to apologize to anyone I was role plying with and dropped off the face of the earth without saying anything. I had some serious health problems that took my time away from me these past few months but am starting to do better. I know that I hadn't been on the site long when I left but if anyone would like to roleplay, I really miss writing.
    To everyone else that I haven't gotten the chance to meet yet, hello :). I mainly like fantasy and adventure roleplays but there isn't any plot that I'm not willing to do! I look forward to hearing for you guys and getting g back into role playing soon!!
    P.s. Happy new year! *gives anyone. Who reads this one free jumbo cookie* Freshape baked :-D
  2. Oh! Hey! Welcome back, you!
  3. T-Thank you! I don't remember if we'd talked before, I wasn't on long before I got sick XD
    How are you?
  4. Hey, welcome back ^w^
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  5. I'm pretty sure we haven't talked before. I just remember your username, as all. XD

    I've been fine. Glad to hear you're feeling better. ^^
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  6. Thanks! Me too :)
    I'm happy that you've been okay and a little thankful we didn't talk or we both forgot about it xD. I thought I was loosing my Mind! haha
    Do Do you like being Called Ser? OR K? or just both :-)
  7. Either, or. ^^
    I'm not picky.
  8. Thanks Quinn.

    I will just call you K then because I am lazy :D
    What kind of RPing do you like K?
  9. K's perfectly fine!

    A good bunch, I tend to stick to historical, crime, war, or fantasy though. They're just easier for me to do.

    You? ^^
  10. I LOVE Fantasy! and I'm not very good at the others you have listed XD
  11. Hey Hey!
    Fantasy sibling!
    It's alright 4 of the 7 rp's I've joined have been fantasy XD
    T'is my favorite!
  12. That's amazing<3
    I like magic users, in most fantasy RPs or humans that fall/discover demons and fairies and stuff. :D
  13. I have the tendency to use wild card characters; usually half swordsman/half mage, or half archer/half mage, or half swordsman/half archer, so on... Otherwise they're almost skill-less, and have some other job, like being an explorer or something cool like that.

    I like how we turned your re-arrival thread into a RPer's chat. XD
  14. That is awesome :D
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