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Hello Again

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Curiose, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Second on the chopping block: Hello Again.

    Hello again
    you're at my door,
    and I can't find a
    word to say.
    So fleeting, so
    miserable; I'm lost
    within your glare.
    So hello again,
    my dear old friend,
    everlasting companion.
    It's me again,
    I'm back for more.
    It's sad that the
    day has come today,
    to bring you the news of woe;
    to say the one you loved died of frost
    No, please, don't give me that stare.
    Hello, it's me again,
    I've come to say: this is the end.
    You're the one I must abandon.
    I'm sorry,
    your words intrude
    and I can't find why
    they sting.
    Disappearing, flaunting,
    malicious; I'm clouded
    inside your heart.
    Oh, yes, I'm sorry,
    my sweet loved one,
    sweetest darling dear.
    I'm sorry,
    that my words be so prude,
    so base, they almost lie;
    So let me ring;
    this death is daunting,
    and for that, 'come shrouded
    from fear at the start.
    Yes, I'm sorry,
    but no more, I'm done.
    My eyes are now clear.