Hello again

Hello, I am back, I left back in I think December? And now I'm back because I missed everything and felt silly about letting my account be permanently deleted. I'm Cherrie, I am a workaholic, coffee addict and I am a barista! Please love my subpar latte art.


Literary Sadist
Roleplay Invitations
One on One Roleplays, Private Convo Roleplays
Posting Speed
A Few Posts A Day, One Post a Day, A Few Posts a Week
My Usual Online Time
Throughout the day (MST)
Writing Levels
Intermediate, Adept, Advanced, Adaptable
Genders You Prefer Playing
Male, Female, Primarily Prefer Male
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
Collaborative. Expect to give and receive in equal measure.
Favorite Genres
Scifi, Paranormal, Present day or future
Genre You DON'T Like
Anime of any kind. It's just a very unfamiliar genre style to me.
It's far better than what I could manage!