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  1. I used to be a member of iwaku a few years ago. I got maried and life got a little crazy so i had to take a rather long hiatus. I am working on developing a few stories and would love to get back to the stuff that captivated me for hours ^_^
    I am working on writing a book (still in very early stages) so i wouldn't expect anythingof it for years. ^_^
    well i dunno what else to say other than
    Hi I'm Back!!
  2. Alright don't know who you were so you’re getting the usual from me

    Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help

    *walks off into the shadows*

    Side Note: If you see in the panda is back... again a different greeting, well that’s because I haven't greeted anyone in a while
  3. Hey welcome back!

    I didn't know you but if you have any question I'm your man. Its always good to greet a new member, doubly so if they have experience in being a new member, and a veteran RPer. Hope you don't mind what we've done with the place and fill out a RESUME so everyone knows exactly where to leave your bod..... put you then maybe head on to the temp CBOX or have a look at the [url='http://space-kitten.org/iwaku/forumdisplay.php?f=15'[/url]OOCs[/url] on offer.

    If you've been here before I don't need to not to feed the Pouraous and to stroke Asmo's ego WITH the grain of the fur.
  4. Welcome back!

    Did you go by only "Umagi", back in the day?
    Any possibility we might see a chapter or two of this book your working on in the writing section in the future? :P
  5. Hello, and welcome back I suppose!
    You don't strike a memory but I have a terrible habit of forgetting names ^^;
    Glad to see you back!
  6. Alexander
    (Thats nice haha)
    "Alright." I say and laughed as she seemed offended when I asked about her falling.
    "Well I am comfortable not going upside down." I then say with a smirk. As I had frown she seemed to reach for my hand.
    "Hey no I am fine. I just need a nap. Its because of that weird guy that was there I wasn't able to get a good nap. Anyways what would be the point of you giving me back my energy? I would just overheat and would have to go to the lake. That would be a wast." I then say and stretched with a yawn. She needed it more then me...I could just take a nap.
    "You're welcome." I say and close my eyes tired. I just needed a good nap it seemed my tiredness suddenly feel on me in the chair.

    (Yes very platonic..still trying to figure out if Rina likes Damon)
    I kept reading and smiled happily. I then looked over as I felt him stare at me? I tilted my head
    "Yes you alright?" I asked him noticing how he seemed off. I turned and our faces were close since he was on my shoulder. I wondered if he had something to tell me? I frown..he was my friend if something was wrong or bothering me he should be able to tell me right?

    (That is true)
    He pats my head and I smiled.
    "Of course I would forgive you." I say and laughed a little. I liked the nickname he gave me. He then says that he thinks I bring out the best of him
    "O-oh you really think so?" I asked blushing a little. I see he is blushing as well...I needed to control my blushing. He had seemed to open up to me and be more comfortable around me
  7. ^_^ I did go by umagi back in the day. you were a blast there torsty
    Asmo should remember me. I sure remember him.
  8. Yes Torsty when i get some things ready for reading they will be posted here. I just need to get a handle on the sci-fi world. I'm more of a fantasy geek so the fact that i am writing a sci-fi is really making my time more difficult.
  9. asmo it wasn't directed to you so it really isn't important, I kind of think I'm the welcomer to all new comers and I think that my old Welcome to the Iwaku thing is starting to get... well old, I'm filling the toilet with the same amount every time, well I know it's sick but it's my kind of humor. Anyway all I'm sayin' is I think I want to stray away from the old welcoming... for a little while at the very least. *oh well I explained why... Guess it's important now... *sighs and goes off into the shadows*
  10. Welcome back! We've never met! I'm Zypher your friendly RP Mod! Good time to join, lots of really great games to play! Also, feel free to attack ask me any questions and I'm sure I can help you find a group! :3
  11. Welcome back to the site Umagi. I'm pretty sure you know all the ground rules so if you'll excuses me...

    *runs over to a bit of tall gras and grabs up a conviently placed AT4 before firing it at Zypher* You did say attack you... right? >:3
  12. ...what?
  13. Just never mind grumpy all it is saying is I want to welcome people in different ways alright not just the old "welcome to the Iwaku if you have nay questions just ask and we can help you *walk off into the shadows*".
  14. *is waiting in the shadows for Ike*

    Well it's good to see you're mixing things up. I hope Umagi appreciates your effort.

    *slaps a miner's helmet on Ike's head*
  15. Hi old person who returned...mind the heresy.