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  1. Eva lay on her back in bed. She had hardly gotten any sleep the night before. She'd spent the night tossing and turning. She felt the woman next to her snuggle closer to her side. At least Kennedy seemed to be sleeping well. One of them would have some energy for the day. Good. Eva rested her arm across Kennedy, gently rubbing her shoulders.

    She was mostly just trying to keep from having an anxiety attack over today, and Kennedy helped. An old friend was coming to stay with her, along with her child, who was much younger than Eva's own. But Eva hadn't seen her in years. She had moved away when they were in high school, and hadn't spoken to her until Eva went searching and called her up. She didn't know that Eva's mother had died, how painful it had been for Eva to see her fade away. She hadn't witnessed Eva's father rejecting her. She didn't know that Eva had been left totally alone.

    She also didn't know Eva was transgender. Eva had wanted to come out to her during the phone call, but the words had caught in her throat. She just couldn't do it. As far as her friend knew, she was still Eric. She still sounded like Eric when she talked. When she was younger people had thought she was gay because of how she spoke. She'd never spoken that way on purpose. It was just her voice. She knew some things. She knew that Eva had a wife, and adopted children, but that was really all. Their phone call had been brief.

    The smaller woman stirred beside Eva and sat up. "Hey," Kennedy said softly, leaning over to kiss Eva's cheek. She pulled Eva up into a sitting position and gently stroked her hair. "You look awful, honey. Didn't you sleep?"

    "No," Eva mumbled. "I'm freaking out. I couldn't sleep. It's been so long. I'm scared. I don't know what's gonna happen when she sees me. I never even told her about this. I didn't even hint at it when we were kids. She's all I have left in terms of people I grew up with. I don't want her to come back just to go away again. I've really missed her, but I don't know if I can face her. She doesn't even know that our mom is dead. She knows I'm married and adopted kids, but that's it. Nothing about...me. I need her back with me again, and I'm afraid she won't want me back once she gets here."

    Kennedy sighed and gently stroked Eva's cheek. "I don't know what you're going through," she said. "To say I do would be a lie. I still have my mother, and my brother always hated me. I didn't really have close friends. I can't promise that she won't be upset. But if she's really the person you always tell me about, I'm sure things will work out." She paused. "Positive energies, babe," she said before giving Eva a peck on the cheek. "I'm going to try and wake the kids. Take your time getting ready."

    Eva lay there a bit longer, and eventually stood up. She shuffled into the bathroom and began to brush out her messy hair. She was tall, unlike Kennedy, who was a petite five foot two. Kennedy passed better. Nobody ever realized she was trans anymore. Eva was not as lucky. She reached for the bottle of pills in the cabinet. Her estrogen tablets. She took her usual dose and swallowed them dry. Probably a bad idea, but she didn't really care. She took a deep breath and began to do her makeup. That usually calmed her down. Not today. Her hands shook, and she had to wipe off and reapply her eye makeup several times.

    She jumped slightly as she heard a knock on the door. "Eva?" she heard Jupiter call. After a moment they knocked again. "Mom? I can't find my breast forms and I need them." Eva chuckled and stood up. The kids did call both her and Kennedy Mom sometimes. If they were together the kids used their names. Easier to tell them apart that way. She opened the door and smiled at Jupiter. "Good morning, love," she laughed. "You seem rather chipper for so early in the day. Did you leave your forms in one of your bras by mistake? Check the laundry room." She watched the kid run off down the stairs. Jupiter had longed for the feminine curves that girls had. Eva had tried to find out about getting them on a low dose of estrogen, but nonbinary genders were tricky. Therapists weren't as accepting. On occasion she slipped Jupiter one of her estrogen tablets even though she wasn't supposed to. She pitied the poor kid. She knew what it was like to hate your body.

    Kennedy had gone into Ronan and Hugo's room to wake them. Ronan was already awake and standing in front of the mirror looking at himself, tipping his head to the side. "Good morning, Ronan," she greeted the boy, giving him a friendly nudge.
    "Morning!" he chirped happily. "Do you know what time Eva's family is getting here? I'm excited to meet them."
    "Soon," Kennedy said with a smile. Ronan was always so excited about everything. So optimistic. It made her happy to see him doing so much better than he had when they'd met. The boy left the room then, and Kennedy turned toward Hugo's bed. The boy was still buried under the covers. She sat down on the edge of the bed.

    "Hugo," she said, gently nudging him. "I know you're awake under there. We're having company soon. Come on, doll. Up."
    "I don't want to," Hugo mumbled. "I'll just sleep until they leave. I don't know them. There's no reason for me to get up. They won't like me. Pretend I'm not here." She heard a whimper under the covers. "Please, Mom."

    Kennedy sighed. She pulled back the covers to see Hugo attempting to bury his face in the pillow. Even under his oversized t-shirt she could see he was shaking. She pulled him up and closer to her. "Hugo," she said softly. "It'll be okay. They will like you. They're Eva's family. I know you love Eva. I'm sure her family will love you. I don't want to pretend you aren't here. You're a part of this family, and we love you. I know you're scared, but Eva and I won't let you get hurt, I promise." She kissed the top of his head and kept her arms wrapped around him. "If any argument happens at all, it will not be because of you. Come on, Hugo. Get up and eat something. It'll calm you down."

    "Kay," Hugo mumbled and Kennedy stood up to leave. Ronan was upbeat and always cheerful, but Hugo lived in fear of people he didn't know. He didn't want to get hurt. She knew that. She wanted him to be happy. Not living life afraid of everything new. She just hadn't figured out how to convince him yet.

    She entered the bedroom again just as Eva had finished getting dressed. "You look beautiful," she purred before starting to change into her own clothes. "Don't be nervous. It'll be okay." She began attempting to fix her wild curls, and eventually just settled once they looked okay. Not great. Just okay. Good enough. She heard a knock at the door and looked over toward Eva. "You gonna get that?" she asked, but she knew the answer by the look on Eva's face before she even spoke.

    "I can't do it, Kennedy," she said, her voice shaking. "I can't face her." Tears began to well in her eyes. "I...Can't you get it? Just send her up here to talk to me. I don't want to shock her in front of everybody."
    Kennedy sighed and pulled the other woman into her arms. "I will. It'll be okay. I promise. Just try to calm down." She wiped Eva's tears away and slipped from the room just as another knock sounded.

    Kennedy darted down the stairs and pulled open the door. "Hi," she greeted the woman and child standing there. You must be Ev–" she stopped herself. "Eric's family." She cringed. It felt wrong to use Eva's birth name, even given the circumstances. "I'm Kennedy. I've heard a lot about you. Come on in."
  2. Jacqueline opened an eye as the alarm blared right next to her ear. Sunshine came in through her apartment's window, barely covered by the tattered blinds that were supposed to cover it. She wasn't too particular to those though - it's not like she was going to be in this shithole for any longer. It was just her and her daughter in this cheap apartment in the bad side of town. She didn't even know why she was at this apartment, she could definitely afford better. Maybe it was just the availability. Whatever it was - she was glad to be out of here today. The place was far too dangerous for her and her daughter. Gang violence was not a rare thing in this part of town, and sometimes it hit a little too close for comfort.

    Jacqueline looked around her bedroom, seeing packed luggage and whatnot already there. However, the bed felt rather comfortable right now, the last thing she wanted to do was roll out of bed and wake up her two year old daughter, Jessica. It was like the bed was a magnet and Jacqueline was attracted to it. It was the last day she would be spending in this bed, so she figured she would be taking her last few moments in this bed before she got freshened up for the day and get her daughter out of bed. Jessica shared Jacqueline's love for sleep. The girl slept for such a long time. It was foreshadowing to what she was going to be like as a teen.

    The young mother heard the soft pitter patter of footsteps coming up to her closed door. So much for Jessica being calm and asleep. The doorknob shook and shook as the girl attempted to open the door, before she finally managed to open it herself. Jessica's bedhead was absolutely insane, and it would take an eternity to get her to take a proper bath. Jessica was impossibly squirelly, which presented a major challenge to Jacqueline, especially when Jessica was hyper. If she had a nickel for every time the two year old darted around the apartment and letting Jacqueline eat some of her dust, then Jacqueline would be rich as sin.

    "Mommy!" The young girl beamed, climbing into the bed with her mom. As she got snuggled up, Jacqueline groaned. Just when she felt like departing from her bed, her daughter had to come join her. "Jessica, honey, it's time for us to get up and get freshened up. We got a trip today!" Jessica turned around and looked her mom in the eyes, before popping out of bed and darting to the bathroom like Dash from The Incredibles. Jacqueline wondered how exactly she managed to do this alone. Thank goodness their new home would have more people to help out.

    After some time, both Jacqueline and Jessica were all freshened up and ready to head out. Having already eaten a proper breakfast. All they had to do now was put in the last few pieces of luggage and they were out of here. Jessica was already buckled into her car seat, waiting for her beloved mommy to finish putting luggage inside their Subaru wagon. Keys and whatnot were already taken care of and turned back into their landlord. Now they were all set for their new life with one of Jacqueline's old friends. Someone she hadn't seen since high school, good ol' Eric.

    The drive would've taken a while. Eric lived quite the distance away from Jacqueline. It would've been faster if Jacqueline just flew, but she didn't want to go through the process of being searched and whatnot. It was so bothersome! Besides, it was a good experience for Jessica, seeing sights she wouldn't have been able to see up close. Well now that Jacqueline thought about it, maybe it wouldn't be so good considering where exactly they lived. Another reason why Jacqueline needed to leave as soon as possible. "Say bye to the apartment!" Jacqueline said sweetly, as she saw her daughter wave to the apartment in the rear view mirror.

    The drive was rather monotonous, after they left the city all she could see was just the same thing over and over and over again. Eric's house could not get here any sooner. She checked the GPS from time to time, just to see how far they were from the house. Jacqueline swore to god that every time she looked it seemed farther and farther away. Jessica was also calm for once, the passing 'sights' keeping her occupied, questions popping out from the two year old from time to time. It was expected, and it showed Jacqueline that Jessica was quite the curious little girl. She was definitely going to be a brighter girl when she grew up.

    Hours and hours of mindless driving later, they were on the street Eric's house was supposed to be on. Jessica had fallen asleep sometime during the driving, which left Jacqueline all to herself. Just her and her mind. How would she take the sudden reunion? It would've been years since they saw each other! How would've she explained Jessica? Or how would his wife and kids take to a woman appearing out of nowhere? There were so many factors into this, all that could go wrong in a blink of an eye. It was a scary thought to think. One Jacqueline would stay away from for the time being.

    The single mother soon pulled into her old friend's driveway. The house seemed rather extravagant, but then again... anything and everything seemed that way compared to her old apartment. She turned off her car and turned around, looking at her daughter asleep in her seat. "Hey Jessie-bear. We're here." She said, before getting out of the car and unbuckling her from her little car seat. "Help mommy get some of this luggage." She directed, opening the trunk and getting a few pieces of luggage out from the trunk, handing Jessica's stuff to her.

    Soon enough the two were on their front door, Jacqueline knocking on the door gingerly. A very pretty woman opened the door. This had to be the wife Eric was talking about. He was a lucky man alright. "It's nice to meet you, Kennedy. I'm Jacqueline, and this is Jessica." She said, before walking into the house. Really nice house indeed.
  3. Kennedy stepped aside to let the woman and her daughter in and glanced up the stairs as Jacqueline stepped inside. Eva really was too afraid to come downstairs. "Eric's upstairs getting ready," she answered. "He wants to talk to you on your own before he meets anyone else." The pronouns left a bad taste in Kennedy's mouth. Poor Eva. She really hoped that things would go well. Of course, Kennedy was more than prepared to jump to Eva's defense if anything did happen, but she really hoped she wouldn't have to. And Hugo. He had never done well during arguments, and the poor thing was nervous enough already.

    She heard the door to the laundry room creak and looked up to see Jupiter shuffling into the main room. Their blonde hair had mostly been left alone, just styled up into a quiff. They wore a light gray tank top and a pair of black leggings, along with a black sheer scarf, which was patterned with white skulls. Judging by the buds on their chest, they had found their breast forms."Hello," they greeted, giving a small wave to the woman and her daughter. Upon noticing the small girl they let out a high pitched squeak. "Oh my gosh!" Jupiter said. "You're adorable!"

    Ronan appeared in the doorway to the kitchen and lifted his hand in a passive wave to the newcomers, as his mouth was full. He was eating an everything bagel that he had slathered with cream cheese. Some of the cream cheese dripped onto his batman t-shirt and he grabbed a napkin, dabbing at his shirt and then wiping a bit of cheese off his face.

    Kennedy flashed a small smile at the boy as he walked over to them and then looked back at Jaqueline and the girl beside her. "This is Jupiter, and this is Ronan." She motioned toward each kid as she spoke. "And Hugo is..." She paused. "Hugo is somewhere around here. I'm sure you'll see him later."
    "If you've seen me you've seen him," Ronan commented with a shrug.
    "Could the two of you watch the kid while I take Jacqueline upstairs?" Kennedy asked.

    As her children gave a nod, she looked back at Jaqueline. "Follow me," she said. She started upstairs just as Ronan cheerfully greeted the girl standing there. "Hi!" he chirped.

    Kennedy led the other woman upstairs and toward the bedroom. "Eric is..." she started. "...different from when you last saw him." She paused. "Don't be too hard on him, please. She missed you." She opened the bedroom door and stepped inside. Eva had been sitting on the bed with her legs pulled up to her chest, but she stood up when the door opened, bolted forward, and engulfed her friend in a hug before she had the chance to say anything, and then recoiled as if she'd been burned.

    "Jacqueline," she said. "I missed you. I'm sorry I didn't say anything to you on the phone, I couldn't say--the words got stuck in my throat and I just--I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." The words poured out and ran together, and Eva stuttered as she spoke. "I couldn't say anything. My mom died, and then I told my dad and he yelled at me, and I didn't know where you were and I just..." She trailed off. "Please don't hate me! I don't want to lose you again." She had started crying again, and tried to hide her face behind her hands, her entire body shaking. Kennedy moved toward her and gently took her by the arm in an attempt to comfort her, turning and narrowing her eyes at Jaqueline, as if daring her to say something.

    She gently pushed Eva down to sit on the bed, afraid that the other woman might fall. Kennedy sat down next to her and spoke softly enough to her so that Jacqueline couldn't hear and wiped at her cheeks, giving a small sigh as she did. "Eva..." she said gently, her voice back to normal again.
  4. Jacqueline nodded as she heard that Eric was still getting ready. Maybe he was just getting freshened up for their impending reunion. She didn't really know how Eric worked, so she just let him be and do whatever he desired. No big deal. Jacqueline set the luggage next to the front door as a result of feeling a light tapping against her leg, signaling that Jessica wanted to be hoisted up and carried by her mother. Jacqueline could only comply, as she took her daughter and lifted her up, caressing her against her chest as she looked around the house.

    A door creaked, Jacqueline and Jessica looked to see what that noise was. Basing on the face of the person who had just come out, that must've been one of Eric's kids. Jacqueline honestly couldn't figure out what exactly they were... which would make it difficult to address them? Guy? Girl? She didn't know... maybe she'd have to resort to using some ambiguous pronouns or just refer to them by name? That should hopefully fix the problem. Last thing Jacqueline wanted to do was to offend anyone, especially one of Eric's kids.

    As the person squeaked and reacted to Jessica's presence, she only smiled and burrowed herself into Jacqueline's chest, maybe because it was an unfamiliar face. Well eventually... the girl would have to get used to them. She would be seeing a lot more of them around for a long time. Another one appeared from what Jacqueline could assume to be the kitchen. Cream cheese. Kennedy was quick to introduce them. Such unique names. Made Jessica's name seem boring. "It's very nice to meet you, Jupiter and Ronan! I look forward to spending time with you guys!" She said sweetly, adjusting Jessica's position against her body.

    Jacqueline heard Kennedy mention taking her upstairs alone. She wasn't sure what was going to happen, hopefully it was alright? She hoped these fine people would take good care of her daughter. Jacqueline put her daughter down and gave her a kiss. "Mommy will be right back!" She cooed, before following Kennedy upstairs.

    The girl stopped in front of the bedroom door as Kennedy warned her about something. What exactly did she mean? Different? How much could change in all these years? Surely Eric was still the same lovable guy he was many years ago. What was the extent of this change?

    Apparently it was major. Eric definitely seemed WAAAAAAAAY different. His smell... the clothing on his body. As Jacqueline stepped back, she took one look at Eric and her world was flipped upside down. This wasn't the Eric she remembered. This was way different than what she remembered. She was so confused. Was Eric... a woman? She didn't see this coming at all. "What...? I'm- wha-? Eric, is that really you?"
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  5. Eva nervously looked up at her friend as she spoke to her. She should have said something on the phone, maybe just to hint. It would have saved her from being such a wreck now. She wouldn't blame Jacqueline if she just turned and left right now and never came back. God, she must look so stupid right now. Eva stared at the floor, tears still streaming down her cheeks. She was grateful for Kennedy's arms around her. Kennedy had always been able to comfort her when she was upset.

    "Yeah..." Eva said in a very small voice. "It's me. But...my name is Eva now." She was shaking by this point, and she knew it. She could feel Kennedy's fingers running through her hair, and though it didn't calm her down entirely or get her to stop crying, it definitely helped. "I'm so sorry I never said anything. I wanted to tell you on the phone but...I just couldn't do it. I'm sorry. Please don't hate me."

    "I just...I'm transgender. I knew for years. Before you left. I never said anything. God knows what my dad would have done to me if I had, and my mom was dead before I could work up the nerve. When I finally told my Dad...he slapped me and hasn't spoken to me since. I just...I couldn't live the way I was anymore. I'm so sorry. I wanted to tell you long before you moved away but I...I thought you'd think I was crazy and I didn't want to lose my best friend."
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