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  1. Hello! This is Yami speaking, nice to see you. I'm in the mood to try out one or two new potential stories, so here's what I have so far. I'll probably have to update this a couple of times as ideas come to me, of course, but anyway...

    About Yami? (open)

    Hi, I’m Yami...

    I am over 18, despite my request below. You know, just in case that question ever pops up. I don't care too much what pronouns you decide to use in addressing or talking about me as long as they are not intentionally offensive. If I find them offensive somehow, I'll calmly let you know, but I'm just too lazy to conform myself to specific pronouns or even a specific identity. That's just how I am.

    That being said, feel free to tell me if you have any specific pronouns or identity that you prefer. I will gladly take them into account and I will do my best to remember them. I'd like everyone feel comfortable over all, and would very much like to avoid offending anyone if possible.

    I do have school and other such things, so I totally understand if you're busy. Just please let me know if you'll be gone for longer than maybe two or three days. Otherwise, I'll probably start to worry...

    I like talking about anime outside of roleplay, and I’m always up for hearing cosplay tips. I can talk about other things, too, so don’t worry if you aren’t too big on talking about that. I might not be very talkative, but I’m usually fairly friendly.

    I like cats, foreign languages, desserts, and the color purple. The sky is a bunch of varying rainbow patterns in my world. They switch color palettes at night, but they are still there even when the stars are out. I play a lot of Nintendo games. Just in case you want any non-roleplay related conversation topics at any point.

    Ah…Any questions?

    Stuff to Expect (open)

    I don't normally do a lot of 18+ content; sexual, gore, or otherwise. I have my reasons, but I'd often rather just avoid it. I can do slightly suggestive stuff sometimes, and (potentially lots of) bad things will likely happen to characters, but I'm not good with going incredibly in-depth with the detail. I'm sorry, but it always ends badly.

    If you're totally bored, lacking motivation, or are just finding yourself too busy to keep up with the story, feel free to let me know. Stuff happens, and I'll try to fix things where possible, but sometimes it's better to just let it go if it's too much. This is supposed to be fun, not overly stressful.

    I like anime a lot. My pictures will almost always be anime pictures. I’m fine with it if you want to use “real-life” pictures, just please don’t expect me to. It’s just easier for me to work with this style for some reason…

    Also, the various content tags I use may not be entirely accurate, since I’m not really used to the system and some of these ideas have a little more brainstorming coming. Just let me know if you have anything you really do or do not want, and I can probably work around that.

    Now for some stories!

    *Current Cast List = Possible characters I'm thinking of having available for the story. Feel free to request one or more if more than one is available. This list is not a definite decision for which characters will appear or which role I may play, so feel free to discuss preferences with me at any time.

    Doll Circus (open)

    You finally did it! You ran away from your old life and are escaping into the night to start a new, hopefully happier existence. No longer will you be trapped by the past, if all goes well, but what do you do now that you've struck out on your own? How will you support yourself and keep from being dragged back to where you came from?

    ...Why not follow the cliché and join the circus?

    When fate somehow brings you to see a travelling night circus, and after somehow managing to catch one of the shows, you find the opportunity to speak with one of the insiders and even the possibility of joining up yourself! And why not? You don't have anywhere else to go, and you do have that one cool ability that you managed to hone in your spare time despite or perhaps because of everything that's happened to you.

    As soon as you join up, you get to start training, and are eventually get to know some of the people there as potential performance partners. There are people of all sorts, even some that don't quite seem human at times, but still happen to be fairly reasonable for the most part. Life isn't bad, at least until you find what the circus is really hiding. How long can you last, and are you really safe from your past here?

    So this one can be played a number of different ways. With a completely human cast or a not-completely human cast. Harem style or character one on one. Single or multiple characters. Romance or just Fantasy Adventure. That "cool ability" was originally intended to just be a random skill the character picked up at some point in the past, but I don't mind adding a power as well or replacing that skill with one. Just nothing too overpowered, please. Your character is an unfortunate runaway, not a god. This story was meant to have a supernatural vibe to it, but should be easily playable for a character with nothing but their wits and normal human abilities, too. I want to see how people would react to certain situations, mostly. Feel free to make suggestions as well, this one's a bit versatile.

    Current Cast List:
    In progress...​

    Welcome to the Fun House (open)

    For whatever reason, you decided that you just had to check out the odd house in the woods. Who knows why? Maybe you were curious, or maybe you were running away and needed a place to spend the night. Maybe you were dared, or maybe you have some other motive. Whatever the reason, you fell for the classic trap and are now being pursued by strange monsters in a huge house you can't seem to get out of. Luckily, you're not alone, but your curious new friend seems to be in need of some help as well.

    This one is based off of a concept similar to Ai Oni, but you don't need any knowledge of the game or its spin-offs to play. Basically, you'll be solving some puzzles, maybe fighting a few monsters, and trying to figure out what happened to make this place so dangerous and trap your companion in here.

    Current Cast List: (WIP)

    Kidnap the Princess! (open)

    At the young age of eighteen, she was already engaged. Her family was fairly well-off, and his was very much so as well, but it's clear that she would do anything to avoid the union, and for good reason. Of course, perhaps a quick twist of fate and an odd encounter can change her path from one of despair.


    This one's a modern-setting story. Exactly how you go about "kidnapping" the princess is mostly up to you, but ideas can be brainstormed. Or perhaps you are the "princess"? I'm open to either role.

    (Character genders are also negotiable, so feel free to ask.)

    Current Cast List: Open for now.

    Kidnap the Princess 2 (open)

    She was a princess. You were...not, to say the least. Yet, right before a marriage that would have made her miserable or worse forever, something happened to change both your fates. Be it a contract or a heist gone wrong or even an attempt to impersonate her fiancé for unexplainable reasons, she's just joined you on your adventure. How long can you play keep-away - both her from the nobles and you from the chopping block?

    This one can be played multiple ways, and exactly how you "kidnap" the princess is completely up to you - you don't even necessarily remove her from the castle, just keep her away from the original bad end by any means possible. The characters aren't even necessarily decided; any gender and any pairing is allowed for either character, and you can even choose which side to be, whether "princess" or "kidnapper". This is meant to have a fantasy setting, so magic and odd powers are allowed.​

    Kidnap the Princess 3 (open)

    (This one's a bit different from the other two.)

    Your plan was perfect: Sneak a few people in, then when the time is right, spring the raid. Before you can get back out, however, you somehow run into a princess that demands to be kidnapped?

    One way or another, you get out together and she joins you under the ruse of being "held for ransom". But just who is this oddly fragile yet somewhat frustrating girl and what is she even after? And does she seem just a bit strange to you? Is she serious about having almost been married to some guy over a pea? And why does she seem so interested in the rumors of the missing prince from one of the neighboring kingdoms?

    Basically, the Princess and the Pea, minus the princess since she just bailed to go find a way to break the curse that currently keeps her in such a severely weakened state. Expect lots of twisting of the original tale and some crazy characters.​

    If Heaven and Hell Decide (open)

    (I got this idea from someone else, so I can’t take full credit for the intro. I thought that it would be fun to play out, though.)

    Once there was a very young angel, who went a little too close to a gap in the clouds despite the warnings from both his/her/??? Parents and the babysitter. Scared after falling so far from home and unsure of how to get back, the angel made a deal with a wandering demon in order to find a way to return. Unfortunately, neither one knew that such a thing was against the law, and carried a heavy punishment for the angel. Turned mortal and stripped of all memory of the previous life, the poor angel is forced to live on Earth; however, both the babysitter and the demon, feeling guilty for allowing such a thing to happen, refuse to leave their life completely…

    The Wolf and Little Red (open)

    We all know how the story starts. A kid wearing a red cloak/cape/hat/shorts goes to visit their grandmother and encounters a wolf along the way. However, despite the rocky start they may have had upon first meeting, they eventually become good friends with the wolf-like person. But we can’t have that, can we? They’re not destined to live together happily! At least, not according to the entity known as GRIMM. And so, the two run away to escape their predestined tragedy and the force that wants to drive them to it. While we’re running from fate, though, why not mess up a few other fairy tales?

    Fun Magic Fluff Story (Title in Progress) (open)

    Anime is great, fantastic even, but when was the last time you saw an adorably chubby magical girl/boy? Or a magical boy at all? Enter a very odd “fairy” disguised as a cupcake and a whole entourage of craziness as we change the status quo with some cute magical persons of a different costume size!

    The Nightmare Magician (open)

    Kyo pulled his hood down further over his face as he walked through the market, making his way to the hidden door in the side of the building that led to the lesser-known side of the place. The underground market, known only to the ones who had more secretive business in this town, was bustling as usual. People of all kinds perused the wares, buying, selling, haggling, and jotting down notes of what they should look for next time and where to find it. Everything from rare herbs to outlawed materials could be found here, and all those who entered shared the pact to never tell of their dealings with individuals.

    It was here he found them. He had only been looking for some materials for spells, but somehow ended up catching sight of a cage containing an unfortunate soul waiting to be sold as a slave. He stopped in his tracks, oddly curious. His work was pretty difficult... Some help could be nice, actually...

    Character Cast List: Kyo

    Welcome to the Fairy Tale Town (open)

    In progress...please check back later...

    Current Cast List: In progress...

    The Mage Apprentice (open)

    (Inspired by a story I read earlier)

    As part of a bargain gone wrong, a young royal has been taken by a dark mage to pay off a kingdom's debt. Though he's a bit of an odd and cold person, perhaps there's a lot more to him than just the intimidating reputation he carries around. But would anyone even want to stick around long enough to find out? Or would the first chance to return home be gladly taken?

    Things only become more complicated when another ruler decides to go head-hunting for revenge and a couple past connections between the young royal and the new master come to light. Of course, then there's the issue of the overly dedicated bodyguard who couldn't just ignore the royal master's plight...

    Current Cast List: In progress...

    Another One Bites the Dust (NEW) (open)

    Everyone in this town knows of the mobs that hide within, running everything from behind the scenes. Their existence is well known, but spoken about very little. After all, there is never exactly a good time to catch their attention.

    Unfortunately for you, due to some sort of mistake during a heist or some other misfortune of yours, you've done exactly that. Even better, you seem to have stumbled upon a certain secret weapon belonging to one of these mobs, and now you either work with it, or end up as "collateral damage".

    Cast List: In progress...

    I Can't Decide (open)

    The basic idea is about secret identities. The original plan was for a cop, but a secret hero or even an unsuspecting person to stumble upon the truth of the villain would work just as well. Feel free to bring up any other character ideas.

    He's been your close friend for quite some time. So close, that at some point it seemed not even that implausible that he might have wanted to be a little more. Now, you currently share an apartment while you pursue your dream job. He works in a small business, but he seems to be gone a little more often lately than usual. Being such a shy and somewhat ditzy type, it seems only natural to wonder if he's gotten himself into trouble, especially with the rumors of some very odd criminal activity going around. What kind of criminal leaves oddly pastel calling cards behind?

    Like I said before, I'll have more up soon, I just need time and motivation. I'll get characters up as I get pictures for them, likely.
    If you have any interest in any of these, please feel free to either post here or send me a PM.
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  2. HI! I don't have an idea, but i'd like very much to try to plot things now. So, PM me if you feel like.
  3. Added a few more ideas. Still working on getting character profiles up, though. I have some characters in mind, I just need to get the images in order...
  4. Hm, I'm liking Wolf and Little Red. That being said, how dark do you plan for it to be? Like, is it going to be an edgy remake of traditional fairy tales ala Hollywood? Or what?
  5. That's a good question, actually. Maybe there's a bit of a color gradient? I had a lot of things going through my mind at the time when I was typing that one...

    I want to say yes, but at the same time, it kinda popped into my mind as a somewhat mixed-genre type of thing. The overarching story is kinda dark for sure, and there will definitely be some nail-biting moments, but I also want to really have some fun with reinventing and potentially messing up how the traditional stories are supposed to go.

    So...I guess the general feel of the smaller parts mostly depends on how you feel like interpreting different stories, really. It can definitely end up pretty dark, but there's plenty of room for comedy and other themes as well if it gets to be too tense. I'll let you decide how far you want to go in either direction and I can work from there.
  6. Hm...did you ever read something called Majo no Shinzou before? I want to do something that has an over-arching darkness, but is mainly a collection of interesting encounters and adventures.
  7. I don't think I've seen it before, but I'll be glad to look it up. That sounds pretty close to how I originally wanted to play through this. ^_^
  8. Mm, that's fine then~ Guess it'll still be a while before you make your character and such?

    I look forward to getting into Vasilisa's story~
  9. Yeah, it'll probably take me a little while, but I'll get that done as soon as possible. If there's anything else you want to discuss , though, feel free to send me a PM and we can get working on that.
  10. Added another one. This one even has a character ready!
  11. Updated the cast list for Fun House. Should be more coming soon.
    Also, I apologize to anyone I don't get back to for a little while. I have a few things that need to be taken care of this week, so I can't guarantee how regularly I will be on.
  12. Hey there ^^ I really like the 'If heaven and hell decide' plot (playing as the female). Really a lot... If you're ok with it, fell free to shoot me a pm. ^^
  13. Updates will probably be slow for a bit longer. This week's going to be busy. I should hopefully have a new character for a few of the cast lists and a little more in some of the descriptions soon, though.
  14. Edited "Another One Bites the Dust". Should have information for at least two new characters up by next week as well, hopefully.
  15. Another story is up! This one just came to me recently.
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