Hello & A Little About Me!

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  1. You can call me Pellegrino. I don't usually post introductions, but considering how large and unique Iwaku seems to be, I figured it wasn't a bad idea.

    I'm a character driven sort of player down for group or single games. Plots that respect character decisions and ripple out into the world are a huge draw for me too! I've been Roleplaying since 2003-4, as a player and as a GM, and love it! I err on the side of a few decent length, well thought out posts a week rather than several a day due to real life obligations.

    Without going too deep, my real life occupation is in the Recreational Marijuana Industry. I work for the largest store in the PNW in a very visible role (if you're from Portland area there's a good chance you've seen my face on the news or heard me on OPB/NPR). That said, I can be pretty busy, but I still find the time to relax and get in on this wonderful hobby too.
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  2. Hello Pellegrino, and I'm glad to see that you posted an introduction! ^ ^

    Welcome to Iwaku and enjoy your stay~
  3. Hey, welcome to Iwaku. Have you any questions feel free to shoot me a PM, otherwise I hope to see you around :)
  4. Greetings Pellegrino! :D Welcome to the community!
  5. Thank you for the welcomes and kind offers! I'm not new to RPing, but I am still getting used to such an elaborate, feature-laden environment. If things don't clear themselves up soon I'll definitely take you all up. Once again, thank you!