Hello =^_^=

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  1. Hello I'm a newbie to this website though I have been roleplaying for a while. I have tried a few other roleplay websites and only found one (besides this one) that really piqued my interests. I look forward to getting to know this place and roleplaying.

    It is really nice to be here! :yay::bsmile:
  2. Hello, welcome to Iwaku. I'm Ruikio but people call me Rui Ruy RuiNeko Niko or god's wolf dog. Nice meeting you...
  3. Hello there! Welcome to the Community!
    My name is Doxa, please to meet you.
    If you need anything please let us know :D
  4. Why hello there!
    Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Thank you everyone for welcoming me to the community!! I'll be sure to ask about this place if I need to. XD