Hello. <3

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  1. Hello, my name is Ashley.
    I am an art student, and in my spare time I enjoy reading and painting.
    I recently was introduced to role play.
    I really want to do some one on one role plays or some fandom one for The Mortal Instruments.
    I really enjoy reading. My favorite genre is paranormal romance, but I do love all things paranormal, romance or not.
    Since im pretty new to role play, so I apologize in advance if im not all that good. Im sure you guys wont mind. :P I am really looking to improve so any help or tips are extremely helpful, this would be greatly appreciated.
    I am excited to get to know you guys and have fun. <3
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  2. Hurray! Being new to roleplay means there are so many fun things to discover! :D

    Welcome to the site Ash!
  3. Thanks so much. <3
    Im really excited to get started.
  4. New person! Hello and Welcome to Iwaku.
    Take your time to grow in the art of writing, and don't rush to post if you don't have to.
    Enjoy your stay!
  5. Welcome to the site dear if your ever up to doing some paranormal romance I'd be happy to oblige you in that matter, just shoot me a message! <3