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  1. Hey!

    Since I might be coming back to Iwaku soonish, I figured saying "hello" once again would be quite fitting. I've been here for a while now, but had to stop writing/stopping by due to some serious (and mostly awesome) things happening in my life. Now that everything is in order and I do seem to have some more free time, the lack of writing and/or creativity that's in it in my everyday life started to bother me.. So here I am, again!

    Looking forward to meeting new people and writing spectacular stories with everyone :)

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  2. Welcome Back Vesper.
    The community has missed you, if you want to do anything. Please drop me a message, I am very willing to find someone who is ready to post and create something beautiful. I am glad that everything in your life has been sorted out, and that it wasn't a bad time. Hope you spend your free time where you want. Whether that is with us, or in your real life. Your happiness is what you must always take into consideration.

    I hope to hear back from you very soon
  3. Welcome back! >:3 We like it when people return.
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